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Friday Already!

Friday Already!

Well, we have made it to Friday.  It has been a very busy but productive week.  

I have started on the new 12 week get lean work out that I downloaded.  The work outs seem kind of easy, but you can really feel it afterwards. I promise myself to stay on this for the full 12 weeks.

I have got my Blog up and running, I am hoping to get lots of readers, lots of comments, and my goal is to do at least one post a day, in addition to reviews on places we are trying, places we are visiting, work outs, motivation, fashion, beauty???  I want my readers to have many choices.  If you have suggestions for topics, just send them to me.

I also will keep you updated on the progress of my RA.  I am on Enbrel now, along with all the other cocktail of drugs, but I do feel that with my dedication to exercise and diet, we have at least slowed down the progression, and that is big thing for me!  If any of you readers have tried things, please let me know.

My company (small business) is keeping me very busy as well, but I want to grow the blog and see what happens.  I do plan on posting few of the projects from my business.

But for now, I hope all are doing well, get up and move, drink more water, and make today a better day then yesterday!  xoxo

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