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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Hey Guys!

Today is a new day, new month, and new chance for a fresh start.  I hope that everyone had a good weekend.  It was my husbands Birthday Weekend, so I really ate too much and did not move enough. So, today, I am starting clean.

In regards to my RA, I ate a piece of birthday cake, and it was NOT gluten free.  I could feel that and the high sugar this morning.  Knees were very stiff as were hands.  I need to make note I cannot eat that much sugar and I can only eat gluten free.

We did eat at several new places this weekend, one of those being Jinya Ramen Bar and this was very good.  I normally do not eat noodles, or pasta, but did allow myself several bites, and this was great.  They do have several very good gluten free options as well.  This is a definite do again place.  And the weather was so nice, it was a very pleasant evening.

I started my Monday Morning out with a decent jalk and then on to the new work out that I downloaded.  This is week two of the new program.  It definitely challenging me as I am not used to following a strict regime.  I can feel, but not painful.  If anyone is interested in the workout I have downloaded, or the routine I am doing ,just send me a message, I will try to take a short video tomorrow.

I started planning our trip to Dublin Ireland.  I am very excited about this, and will post tours and places we plan on seeing, but if anyone has suggestions on tours, museums, or good perhaps even gluten free restaurants, please let me know.

A busy day at work, lots of projects going on, some new, some repeat, I am also looking for new customers and trying to grow my business

I will post more later and more pictures.  Everyone have a great day, and remember:

Drink More Water

Get up and MOVE!

Eat Healthy!

Be Happy!


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