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My Life, one day at a time!

Started the day off with a good work out

I think the new work out I downloaded is kicking my booty!  I am stiff in parts that apparently I have not worked for some time.  I have just started week two of the plan, I think I am going to like this.  I please on making protein cookies from the plan later today, I will post pictures after I make them.

In addition to the work out, I am also trying to eat a better balanced macro plan.  I realized I need more protein in my diet.  If anyone has suggestions for good ways to get more protein in my diet, please let me know.

But get to work, but will post more later, the cookies, maybe a picture of the ribs I am making for dinner, and I think it is time for Mr G to make an appearance again.

Remember, be happy, positive, drink more water and get up and move!


(I think I need a second cup of coffee today!)

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