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It’s going to be a good day!

It’s going to be a good day!

I could tell it was going to be a good day today when Mr. G and I got a good walk/jog in this morning, (3.5 miles)and then I did a great workout from my new workout program.  After that I need to refuel my body so I made a big bowl of organic steel cut oats, banana, almond butter and egg whites, and protein/collagen.  Very satisfying.  

I am working to get leaner, and I think the new program I downloaded may be helpful, but I am also struggling with the correct number of calories and my macros on a daily basis.  I honestly feel that maybe I do not eat enough.  Again, I am open to suggestions, comments, ideas?

Then I had to get to work and follow up on sample shipments to customers.  The US post office has to be the most inefficient delivery service out there.  They misdelivered a sample package, even though the correct address was on the label, and now they are telling me it will be at least two weeks before they can get this redelivered!  REALLY??????  Oh well, can’t let the little things bother me.

I had noticed that I ate some birthday cake and also had pasta this weekend, neither where gluten free, plus they had a lot of sugar, and my RA has been giving me grief.  I know better then that, but I went ahead and ate those things anyway.  I am paying for it now.  Trying to drink a lot of water to flush out my system.😞  Has anyone else experienced issues like this?

It is such a gorgeous day out, I hope it stays like this for some time.  I really like flowers and wanted to share this with all.  I am not sure what it is, but it is very pretty.

I am working also, amongst everything else,on our trip to Dublin.  I am open to suggestions from people that have traveled there.  I know we want to do the Jameson tour as well as see a castle, other then that, please help!

We guys, it is time for me to get back toothed things, so remember, drink lots of water, eat healthy, and keep a smile on your face.


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