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😞The Weekend is almost over

😞The Weekend is almost over

Hello all my readers!

Well, I had really good intentions of doing a lot of posting this weekend, pictures, news, and more.  BUT! Hubby had foot surgery on Thursday and I spent most of the weekend not really taking care of him, but ya, taking care of him.  He hates for me to drive him around, so that was a task all in itself!  But all is good.  He is doing well, and should be back to normal soon.

We have eaten a lot of good food this weekend.  I had hibachi chicken on Friday night, yesterday, he made a big pot of oxtail soup, (I forgot to take a picture) and today we had Gluten Free High Protein waffles and bacon.  I made extras so that I could eat some for breakfast through the week. I did put some of the AWESOME blueberries and strawberries from this weeks Fresh Harvest on the waffles, the berries this week were like crack, SO GOOD!  Be sure to check out

Because he was not up to doing much, I did get an extra workout in this weekend, and extra work done.  That is always a bonus, for both.

I will start week three of my new workout plan tomorrow.  (Thanks to Jessica) I am really a creature of habit, so I am really trying to mix things up.  I have even changed when I do my workout.  Now, if I could just put the night time snacking.  Any ideas from readers out there to help with that?

Well, that’s all I got for now.  Might post a bit more later, after I walk the Gster.

Remember, get up and move, drink more water, and be healthy!


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