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My New Favs!

My New Favs!

Hey there readers, friends, family and those just driving by!

How is everyone today?  I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did!  And for once, I did not overeat!  That is a GREAT accomplishment for me!

I thought I would share today some of the many things that I have recently tried and like.

I sometimes just really want some ice cream, but since I have to cut back on sugar, and am trying to increase my protein, I have found this PRO YO Low Fat Ice Cream.  It is Gluten and Soy free, Non-GMO, has 10 gr of protein per serving and tastes great.  I am trying the Mint Chip, but will probably try other flavors as well.  I found this at our local Kroger store, but I am sure you can find it in most stores.

The flowers I received from my son for Mothers Day cam from The Bouts Company.  

They are out of California, and cut the flowers to order, so they are EXTREMELY fresh.  I am not sure of the kinds of flowers they offer, I just know the sunflowers I received were great.  I will definitely use this company in the near future.

I have started Phase 2 of the new workout program I downloaded.   This ,so far, is probably the best program I have tried.  Is it going to make me lean, I don’t know, but I am certainly trying and it is a definite challenge.  I am also going to try some of the awesome recipes, and as I do, I will share.

For my Mothers Day Lunch yesterday, my wonderful daughter took us to Nori Nori.  If you live in the Atlanta area, and like Sushi, you do need to try this.  I do NOT go to buffets, but this is the only exception I make.  It is very clean, VERY CLEAN, and the food is awesome.  It was a bit crowded yesterday, but, it was still great food and they still kept it very clean.  I like going there because I can get Sashimi which I love.

Well kiddos, I think that is all I got for now, my blog is not paying the bills yet, so I have to go back to my real work.  I also need to take my G out for his lunch time walk, and I need the vitamin D.

Remember, get up and move, drink more water, eat good food, and smile!


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