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The Day Started Good, BUT😖

The Day Started Good, BUT😖

Hello all you lovely readers!

My day started really good.  My jogging partner and I got a really good jog in this am, and then I had a killer workout 

I am really liking this new workout.  Made myself a really good and high protein breakfast, got some good work in, then went to the mall to find a dress for an occasion (casual) that is fast approaching.  I SUCK at shopping, which is why I subscribe to Stitch Fix.  I am sure I went to EVERY store in the mall.  I did not want to look like I just came from strip club, nor like I was going to a prom, and certainly did not want to look like a bridesmaid!

So, instead of getting the dress I needed, I came home with a new purse  and new perfume.  Thought after all of the shopping I needed SOMETHING!

I am open to any and all ideas to help me.  When you are only 4’11”, it is really hard to find dresses!

I was also looking for some flat stylish sandals, but apparently, today was just not a shopping day for me.  That just means I have to try again another day!

So I am back home, in my office, working on my blog and my business, and decided another  is exactly what I needed.  Maybe not, but it can’t hurt.

I am planning on making my favorite high protein cookies later, but the way my day is going???  Maybe not.

Well gang, work awaits, I am going to bake the cookies later, I will share pics because I KNOW those will turn out good.  In addition to the workout program I downloaded, I am also trying to eat better, cleaner, more protein, in hopes of leaning out at least a little.  I know there are a LOT of you out there who have had success at this, so please feel free to share ideas and comments with me.

I am also looking for feedback on my blog, since I have just started this and am very new to this, so please feel free to post comments or send me an e-mail.

Thanks to all of you who drove by and read!  Take Care, eat healthy, lift heavy, drink more water and get up and move!


I would love to hear your feedback