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Things I like

Well Hello There Friends and Readers!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend.  I had a great one, but I ate just a little too much!   I can feel it today, but that is my fault!

I started my day with a really good workout again, thanks to the program I have downloaded.  I did not work out for three days and this is something else I can feel today.  Unfortunately, I only have today and tomorrow to work out yet, then I will be in New York City for five days.  I know that we will get plenty of walking in, so that will help.

I will do several posts while we are in NYC, to share restuarants we visit and sites we see.  It should be a wonderful time.

Speaking of NYC, if any of you out there have ideas for good healthy restaurants, please share.  We are staying new Lexington Ave and 48th st.  Please share suggestions you may have.

I started my day off with a very healthy breakfast.   It may to look so pretty, but a very high protein breakfast, and I wanted to be satiated for a while. My breakfast consisted of organic oatmeal made with egg whites, apples, bananas, pecan butter and a boiled egg.  It was good!

I wanted to share something that I have just recently tried.  I actually read about this on Juli Bauer’s blog,  ,, so I have tried it several times now, and really like it.   I have fine, thin long hair, and this definitely gives it a little body.  Be careful if you try it, it does take only a tiny bit.  This was a good find.

Well, because this is a short week for me, I need to get back to work, but may post more later.   I think I have some packages coming for things I want to try and blog about.

Again, anyone have suggestions for NYC, please share with me.  And remember, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.  And, get up and move, be active, eat healthy.

xoxo to all

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