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Lots going on today!

Lots going on today!

Hey There Kiddos, Readers, and Friends!

The day started out good when I got two packages in the mail. Who doesn’t like to get packages???  In one was my new favorite deodorant!  I really like this.  I haven’t opened the other yet, been too busy.  This is my last day of work until next week, as we are taking a long weekend in NYC.  I will open this later!!

Today is my injection day I thought that if I put my Enbrel by my flowers it would be better. Not sure it made a difference, but I figure it can’t hurt.  Fresh flowers are always a mood lifter!

I had some of this Pecan Butter with my breakfast today,This is a locally made butter and is awesome.  I will link to this later.

I had an awesome work out this morning.  I really pushed it because I will not get to work out again until next week, although, I do think we will get plenty of walking in in NYC.

I have finished the third week of Phase 2 of my work out  program.  I have one more week of Phase 2, than I move on to Phase 3.  I can only  imagine how that will be.  I have not peeked ahead yet.  I just hope it makes at least a little difference.

I listened to Cassy Joy’s podcast this morning on my jog.  Maybe that is why I am having such a good day.  She is very motivating and inspiring.  Thank You Cassy.  If  you have not listened to her yet, you really need to check out her podcasts and her blog.

I am going to try to do daily posts while in NYC, since I know that we are going to do some really fun things, visit some really cool places and eat lots of really good food.  (I know this since I did not plan this, but two people that are master planners put this all together)  If anyone from NYC has suggestions, please do let me  know since my husband and I have a full day where it will be just us, I may need some more ideas.

Well, gang, best get back to work so I can pay the bills and get ready for my trip.  Let me know your comments on my blog, as this is most definitely is a work in progress and I am open to all questions or suggestions.

Remember to HYDRATE This is my water bottle, 24 0z, and I try to drink at least three of these a day, more when it is hot out.  So, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!

Get up and move, be active, keep a smile on your face and be well.



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