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The High Line and the Chelsea Market

The High Line and the Chelsea Market

Hey All,

My visit to New York City so far is AMAZING, aS always.  It started out, of course, with coffee, (everybody starts their day off with coffee don’t they).  After the rest of the gang arrived, we headed out to lunch.  Now this was kind of disappointing.  We were a bit late, they were out of several of the small menu items, but that was okay.  However, the server forgot to put MY lunch order in, so I did not get my lunch, but everyone else was kind enough to share a little of theirs with me, so in the end, I ended up with a great lunch and more then enough food.  I had a little pork belly, some gouda, a couple for fries, a couple of chicken wings and some greens.  Really, how bad can that be!

After our lunch, we made out way to the High Line and ended up at the Chelsea Market.  There some amazing fews from the Highline. The Chelsea Market was really interesting.  You could easily spend most of the day here wondering through the little shops and having bite or two to eat, some snacks, or a few beverages.  It was a great afternoon.

The evening for dinner, we went to le Coq Rico, a fantastic French Bird Restaurant.  The food was amazing, as well as the drinks.  We shared several whole chicken dishes    , some wines, and the a fabulous desert!    Needless to say, I was STUFFED!  But what an awesome meal and the service was above and beyond great.

This was a GREAT day in the city of New York.

Well gang, more to come tomorrow, but for now, it is time to rest.

Remember, get up and move, be active, be happy and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.


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