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The Whole Hog at DBGB and More

The Whole Hog at DBGB and More

Well Gang!

I am back home and trying to get everything caught up and back to normal.  (But then what is normal)

I need to talk a little more about NYC.  Our last full day there with family, we went to the top of the Empire State Building in the morning.  It started out a little cool, but by the time we got to the top, it was sunny and a beautiful morning.  I have been here several times, but the view never stops amazing me.  Absolutely beautuful.  We spent quite a bit of time up here, enjoying the view and taking pics.  This is me and my daughter  We had such a great time.

After this, we had lunch which was very good, although everyone wanted lunch, and they only had brunch, but sometimes food is just food.

From here we went on to the Guggenheim Museum.  I have never been here before, so this was a wonderful treat.  It makes me want to get my paints and canvases out and paint again.  Maybe in my spare time.

For dinner this evening, this was the actual Wedding Celebration Dinner, we went to DBGB Kitchen and Bar and had the Whole Hog.    This was so much food, but such a good time.  We had the whole roasted hog.  The dinner started with Mushroom Flatbread and mixed greens salad.  They then presented the main course, along with Chitlins, Green Beans, and potatoes.    For desert we were served Baked Alaska.  Too MUCH food and drink, but so very good.

My new daughter-in-law is such a sweety.  Instead of just leaving the left over food, she asked that it be packed up and then she and the others walked until they found a homeless person and they gave them this food.  How Awesome was that.  I think that I may start to make this a habit.

This was a great day, a great experience, and what a wonderful family.  Love you all.

Well, that is all for now, I have more to write on, so keep tuned.

And Remember, be Active, Keep Moving, Keep a Smile on your Face, and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, AND HYDRATE!!

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