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Four Athletics

Four Athletics

Hey Fellow Work Out Readers,

I want to share with everyone my latest find.  I have received this athletic wear from Four Athletics.  I had heard about them on the Girls Gone WOD podcasts.  I needED some new gear so thought, what the heck, I would give them a try.  I was so excited when I received the package, I couldn’t wait to wear them.  I jokingly sent a message to the company and said I was sure this would make me MUCH stronger, and they informed me

It is so funny that you mention that because scientifically these cloths have been proven to make you stronger…its practically a guarantee that you will PR immediately after your first wear haha 🙂

So I wore this outfit for the first time and went to the gym.  I am not sure what it is, but the way it feels on, it is almost a snug fit, but very movable and breathable.  Very comfortable.  (I have not done it yet, but I want to wear the sports bra all day one day,  I think it would be very comfortable)  But at any rate, it almost does make you stronger because it feels so awesome, you move better and everything goes very well.

  I felt like I could work out for hours.    They have leggings as well as the shorts.  I know that I will be ordering more.  When you go to their website, you really have to read through the site, as they do have one section that is called the workshop.  These are new items that they do not “sell” until they are 100% funded.  Right now, they have some really awesome leggings.

They also have a special offer for my readers, if you go the site

and you buy anything, enter the code tamiew15 and you will get 15% off your entire order.  How awesome is that.  You really need to take a look at the site, and try these.

Well kiddos, that’s all I have for now, must move on to other blogs and posts and research.

Remember, keep a smile on your face, be active, be happy, be positive and HYDRATE!!!



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