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Hello All,

I am finally making the time to get some of my posts from New York done.

We always try to see one Broadway Show while we are in New York.  This time, my husband picked the show and he chose Waitress.  I really was not sure what this was going to be like, but it was awesome.

When we got to the theatre, we were about 30 minutes early, the line was unbelievable.  However, they opened the doors right when we got there and the line mover very fast.  As we entered the theatre, there had girls dressed in old fashioned waitress clothes, They were selling little glass mason jars of “PIE”.  The pies were pretty much all pudding, but really really good.

When we got to our seats, the curtain looked like a big cherry Pie top It actually looked very real.  On the sides of the stage, they had rotating pie displays.  I did not realize until half way through the show the pies were all real!

The show itself was great.  Not like some musicals I have been too, there was not that much dancing and singing, but more story and that was a nice change.  I am telling you, some of these people could really sing.  It was a great story, but at the end, and I will not spoil this for this for those of you who have not seen his, but there is a little girl towards the end who, in my opinion, makes the entire show.  She is so sweet and cute.

This was great show, a great time, we sat by some really cool girls, and I had a wonderful night.  I would highly suggest that if you are in NYC, and looking for a good show, see this.

xoxo to all.

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