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Happy Wednesday All, RA, OTB and more!

Happy Wednesday All, RA, OTB and more!

Hello Happy People!

I’ve been kind of MIA recently, this thing called work is getting in my way.   Sales have been a bit sluggish lately, so I have been working extra hard on my business.  (Maybe I need to work harder on my blog and grow this)??

Anyway, blah blah!  Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week since this is the day I have to give myself my injection.  I really do not mind the injection itself, but I don’t feel like it is doing any good.  I would be very interested in hearing from other AI people, and get their input on this.  Sometimes I think that perhaps going on a strict AID may be more effective, but I don’t know.  So many pros and cons for each.  But, I am doing well and am active and get my walks/jogs in every day and life weights 5 days a week, so I guess it could be worse.  My biggest problem is not sleeping at night.  If I could get a full nights sleep, I think I would be GREAT!  I am open for ideas.

Do you watch Orange is the New Black?  We have started the newest season, and I was about to give up as it started out really lame, but now!!!! it has made a full turn and it is back to being the addictive the previously.  This and Wentworth are two of my favorite shows to binge on.  OTB has added some new characters this year, and they have made a difference.  If you have never watched this, you really need to start at the beginning and watch all seasons.  Let me know what you think.

Since I don’t know what parts of the world you are all from, just let me say, the weather here in Atlanta is getting warm. Now, I am not complaining, as I LOVE warm and even hot weather, but it is hard on Mr. G.  He doesn’t like to walk as long at lunch when it is warm, so our lunch breaks are much shorter.  But, since he is a black dog with long hair, I can understand his heat!   I do the same to him that I do myself, I make sure he has plenty of ice water to drink.

That reminds me, everyone out there stay HYDRATED!

But another thing I really like about this time of yea is all of the pretty flowers.   How can you not enjoy a walk with these to look at!

Oh, I am trying Aaptiv now.  I have had this app for two days now and I am not sure yet if I like it or now.  What I do like, you can chose from so many different programs, the options are endless.  Actually, as I sit anD write this, I think I just need to explore this more.  I have tried 3 different programs so far, two of them I liked, one I did not care for since it was more body and core moves and I wanted more work with dumb bells.  But, I have 30 days free so I am  going got keep trying this, and I will keep you updated.  If you have tried this, or if you use this, let me know what you think.

I know that I have talked about this before, but can I say again how much I like this Primally Pure deodorant?  I ordered the Lavender scent this time and this is going to be my regular deodorant from now on.  (Especially since I am trying to be more mindful of what I put both in and on my body)  I am looking into their face lotions as well, and once I try these, I will report on these as well.  Again, if you try or use any of these, please let me know.

Well, again, that think called work needs to be done as well, so this is all for now, but I do have more to post on, such as ASW, my last Stitch Fix Box, some meals I have made and more.  Come back later for more.

xoxo to all and remember, be active, be happy, be healthy and HYDRATE!!!!

I would love to hear your feedback