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Sunday Round Up

Sunday Round Up

Well Hello All you wonderful people out there in reader land!

I have been kind of MIA recently.  It seems my RA had been getting the better of me, and my energy level was not what it should have been, but I had a serious talk with myself, and was very stern with myself, and said get over yourself.  Get up and get moving and get this shit done, therefore, here I go.  Thank You all for putting up with me. And again, if you have ideas to help with this lack of energy, please let me know.

My last Fresh Harvest Basket:  This basket, like they all do, had really good food in it.  I got bok choy, wheatgrass, potatoes, valencia oranges, and lots more.  This produce is always so good and fresh!There were  also some pears and green onion in this! And remember, Fresh Harvest has offered my readers $10 off their first basket.  If you enterTamie Eats Healthy as your referral when signing up, you will get the $10 discount.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

The weekend went by much too fast, as usual.  Since today was Fathers Day, our wonderful daughter took us to lunch.  Her father wanted to try Twin Smokers.  (A couple of weeks ago we tried Smoke Ring and that was awesome)  Well, not so much for Twin Smokers  The sides were okay, but the meat itself was mediocre at best.  A little disappointing, and the service was nothing compered to great service we had at The Smoke Ring.  This will not be a do again.

We parked in the parking garage across the street from Twin Smokers, and had a really good view of the new Mercedes Benz Dome It is kind of shame that they are going to tear the old dome down, as this was great venue.  We also had a great view of the Football Hall of Fame, and made a note that we need to visit this one day soon.

Since lunch was a bit unsatisfying, we stopped at our favorite cookie place, (Ali’s Cookies) on the way home and picked up cookies for later.  She makes the best Gluten Free cookies and has several flavors  My better half likes the sandwich cookies, so I picked him up one of these, Triple Chip and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut with Vanilla Frosting.  This should take care of our sweet tooth!

I also learned I have a had time walking in anything other then my sneakers.I tripped up twice walking around in these on Sunday, and scuffed up both toes on the sandals.  Luckily, I did not fall, but needless to say, I should wear other shoes more often.

On Saturday we went to the outlet mall, and FYI, if you need summer athletic wear, now is the time to shop for this.  The sales are great!

Well gang, since the day is winding down, and my stomach is starting to growl, I will end for now, but I promise to do another post tomorrow.  I plan on make some of Paleomg’s banana bread, and I have a few other items to talk about.

For now, remember, be active, get up and move, keep a smile on your face, and HYDRATE!!!


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