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Hey Gang!

We made it to FRIDAY, can you believe it?   And it looks like we might get one day of dry weather!😀💥

I had a surprise in my mail yesterday.  I had talked with Buff  Bake some time ago,  and in my mail yesterday I recieved these.  Once I EAT these all up, which for me, will take all of about 5 seconds, I will put a post on them.

Anyone that reads this knows I am all about trying to be healthy.  Eating, Exercising, Life in general.  So, I have a question.  My rheumatologist is suggesting to perhaps I try a new biological, which I am researching and will discuss with him, but he has also mentioned starting an AIP Diet or way of eating, or MAYBE, the Whole 30.  I am reading about the AIP, but in regards to the Whole 30.  Anyone out there that has tried this, really, do you think this would help with inflammation?  If you have tired it, and done it seriously, how did you feel afterwards?  What are the benefits, down side??? I would be interested in comments and thoughts.

Ok, I told you all yesterday I am addicted to Podcasts.  Today, I listened to the latest Podcast by Girls Gone Wod

 and this was probably one the best podcasts ever!  They had Shellie Edington on who is a Crossfit Masters, and 90% of the what they said, I felt like they were talking to me, about me.  If you do not listen to them, you really need to check them out.  Also, they are down to earth and just real people or so they seem.  I would love to meet them some day!

I had a really good work out this morning, even though I slept MANY minutes too long, but then, I rationalized that by if my body did not need the sleep, I would not have slept that long.  We all three got a good walk in, and then a relaxing cup of coffee before shit hit the fan.  I really enjoy these times and am trying to learn to relax and enjoy life more.  Tomorrow is a promise to no one, and I want every second I can get to spend with my husband and my wonderful children, (that includes you Crystal).  MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT!

Well people!  Time to get back again to the “job” thing and get it done!  Planning on going out for dinner this evening, I will be sure to share the wonderful food we have!

And please, if you have tried the Whole 30, leave comments, or if you feel like it, just leave comments, good, bad, or ugly!

Everyone, take care, be good, be active, be healthy, be thankful, keep a smile on your face, and HYDRATE!

xoxoxo to all!

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