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Sunday Afternoon and Food Prep Done

Sunday Afternoon and Food Prep Done


I hope that everyone is having or has had a good weekend.  I started out with the intention to get more done, but my energy is a bit lacking.  I did still get a lot accomplished, just always want to get MORE done!!

I have prepped a LOT of good for this week.  I made a big pan of hash.  I was not sure how this would turn out, but it is really good.  I basically emptied the refrigerator in this.  The meat was ground lamb, and tons of vegetables.  How good!!!!

I also made a bowl of cabbage and fennel salad, and cucumber salad.  I also made a big pan of High Protein, Low Sugar Coffee Cake and am making tofu for dinner. I should be good with healthy foods till MH gets back!

Well, the swelling is down  a LITTLE on my knuckles, but when MD commented how big they looked, apparently, they are still swollen quite a bit.  More blood work was done on Thursday, and I should have the results tomorrow.  I have to wait and see which direction Dr. wants to move in.  AT this point, I am ready to try anything!

I have got a lot of jalking in the last several days, and I have really really been trying to lift heavier, 😞, that is going “OK”!  Only OK!  I keep trying.

FINALLY got my hair trimmed yesterday.  I almost fell off the chair when the stylist said he wanted to cut 6 inches off!!!!  It has been WAY too long since I had my hair trimmed.  (Made note as soon as I got home to make another appointment in 8 weeks).  We finally agreed on 3 inches, and it does look MUCH better and much healthier.  I went to a new Salon, Studio 4515.  I was really happy with Dan, and will go back!!!!

Flowers always seem to make  me happy, and I saw so many beautiful flowers on our jalk this morning.  The whole day has been good since then.  I bought fresh cut flowers for our house, I like to have them in the house all the time, and they just make me happy.

I found this today   MD told me about this, and I found this at the store today.  I have not yet tried them, but they are organic, gluten free and low sugar.  Everything I need and look for.  I will let you all know what they taste like.

I stopped at Bagel Boys yesterday, NO, not for a bagel, but they have Jittery Joe coffee and they had a Mocha Almond Coffee!!!!!  This was great.  I think that I will stop again tomorrow on my way out!!!!

Again, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts.  I was thinking that I would really like to take classes to be a nutritionists, because this is something that REALLY interests me.  But, after a lot of thinking and talking with people, right now, I am not going to go in that direction.  I am going to concentrate more on this blog, I keep trying to post EVERYDAY, but am having a hard time coming up with content  every day.  (READERS, this is where I want your help, please please send ideas of what you would like to read about)  Basically, I am just telling you all about things I eat, try, do, exercises.  I am also going to start to share the things I am learning about nutrition.   Oh and I almost forgot, I have told you all, that until we leave for Dublin, every day I was going to

Drink 100 plus ounces of water every day

Eat 105 plus grams of proteins every day

Eat less sugar every day

Lift weights heavier every day

Be more active every day

Take collagen and gelatin every day

Have a positive attitude every day

Post to my blog every day

Be kind to at least one person every day

I have pretty good on ALL of the above, EXCEPT post to the blog everyday and the 105 plus grams of protein every day.  That is really hard!!!  But, I have been coming close.  Tomorrow, I will post my results for today.  And, I will post to my blog tomorrow as well, come back to make sure I did.

Tomorrow also I am going to list my favorite things I am using or doing now, and the websites, if possible.

How have all of you been  doing and what have you all been doing?  Please share with me!  Pretty much, my work, working out, jalking, getting food ready and planning our Dublin trip is what I have been busy doing.  Of course, and us usual, I did some deep cleaning, badly needed!  I did get rid of some things.  It seems I have a tendency to hold on to things a little too long.

And of course, I have been listening to my favorite podcasts and watching lots of Chopped.  I am hooked on this.  Maybe I am hoping that I will learn a bit about cooking from this.

Well Gang, I do have some real work I need to get done today yet.  I have an appointment to get my car serviced tomorrow, I need it too last about 6 months yet.  I know it needs a little work, but I am keeping the work  to a minimum.  This will take a chunk out of my morning, so I need to work ahead today.

Anyway, you rascals out there, leave comments, send questions, so that I know how I am doing, and what I need to change.

I will post more tomorrow,  but remember, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE, very very important!  HYDRATE!


I would love to hear your feedback