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Time to update you all

Time to update you all

Hey everyone,

I’m here to give you my progress report on yesterday’s goals:  I’m feeling really good about today!  First, my started off great because I got to visit with ALL of my favorite people, and that always make me feel good, (I got to visit with MS today too and he always makes me laugh)

Drink 100 plus ounces of water every day     AGAIN I drank 88 oz of water -AGAIN😞

Eat 105 plus grams of proteins every day   I  had 107 grams of protein, Woo Hoo!!! Getting Batter

Eat less sugar every day    I did well here, I only had 30 grams of sugar

Lift weights heavier every day  I  lifted quite heavy yesterday💪🏼

Be more active every day  I was not near active enough yesterday, I had a total of 18,000 steps

Take collagen and gelatin every day  I took both the collagen and the gelatin yesterday

Have a positive attitude every day  I had a GREAT attitude yesterday

Post to my blog every day  I posted to my blog yesterday

Be kind to at least one person every day  I was kind to several people yesterday 

I know it is the middle of the afternoon, but I am off to a great start for today.  Just so I can keep it up.

I had a long list of errands to get done today, but since my car is still in the shop, needless to say I did not get those down.  Yes, I could take MH car, but that is way too big for me, I like little, easy to maneuver cars!  It will be done tomorrow and then I can get everything done.  This just FORCED me to sit at my desk all day and work😞

Although, I do set the timer on my phone so that I get up and move frequently.  I also have a stand up desk and that helps a lot!!!

In one of my get up and move times today, I did this  Does any body really hula hoop?  I do, hoping it gives me abs of steel😊  I’ll take a picture when I am working out tomorrow and you can be the judge.

Speaking of, I had a second wind working out this am and got a pretty good work out, heavier then yesterday!  That is what both me and my Dr. want so, I will do it again tomorrow.

Well kidlets, I know this is kind of a short post today, but I am on a roll and getting lots of “work” done, so I don’t want to lose my mo jo.

To MFP, hope your pain goes away and you get some rest, and start to heal.  I will say a prayer for you AND rub Buddha’s tummy, just to be safe.

To the rest of you, including MFD, remember, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE!!!  Drink up!

Till Tomorrow


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