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Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend

Hey Gang,

I hope everyone either had or is having a great weekend.  I have had a wonderful weekend, other then the fact that I have not stuck to my goals over the weekend at all, other then taking my collagen and gelatin, and drinking water.  I have not gotten the steps in like I should have, I have not eaten near enough protein, I did not work out at all, (but that was my plan, to give my body a rest) but I am having a good weekend.  Tomorrow, Monday am, I will get back to work and get seriass!

Saturday was spent pretty much running errands and getting MH things caught up again.  Plus, since MH got up VERY early Saturday AM, we did need a nap Saturday afternoon, much needed.

Sunday was a wonderful day.  We slept in, which is something we never do.  Needless to say, we did not have time for our usual 3-4 mile walk, we had an appointment to do out blood donation, and had made plans to meet friend for lunch.

Our first stop, after donating blood, was to have a very relaxing coffee at Corso Coffee  This is a very quaint coffee shop in Buckhead and they have excellent coffee and pastries. We did not get pastries today since we were having lunch soon.  ( I can eat their macaroons, they are gluten free)

From here we here walked across the street and wondered around a little.  I did not realize there was this very pretty area in the middle of Bulkhead.    How lovely.

By now it was time to meet our friends at  for lunch.  The burgers here are fantastic.    We also had the deviled eggs and MH had the Pigs in the Blanket.  If you are in Buckhead and want a great Sunday Brunch, check it out.

The visit with our friends was very nice.  I also enjoying see R & T.  Thank you both!

It was late afternoon by the time we got home, and I want to get this Blog Post out to say hey to all of you.

Again, I hope everyone had a great weekend, tomorrow, I am back to work, and I will get an awesome wo in the morning.

Remember everyone,   be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your feet be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE.  (Maybe that is why I have a killer headache today!)  HYDRATE!


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