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Happy Monday Gang! And Smart Cakes

Happy Monday Gang! And Smart Cakes

Well, I hope all had a good weekend.  Mine was exceptional, other then I was very bad about sticking to my goals.  On a good note, I did get a good nap in on Saturday.  I did hope that would help my fatigue, but I cannot hardly keep my eyes open today.

I am back on track with my goals today, and so far, should be able to keep all of them.

I am trying something new.  (Well actually, several new things,) so I will address one at a time.  I found these Smart Cakes on IG.  I ordered a sampler pack today, and I also signed up to be an affiliate.  So, as soon as I get these, I will post a blog and tell you all if they are good or not, but in the meantime, I am able to offer all of you a 10% discount :

Smart Baking Company would like to offer a 10% OFF coupon to all of my followers, Share code:tamie_eats_healthy!

This code expires 1 month from today’s date (08/17/2017)

So try these and see what you think,.  They are Gluten Free, low sugar, high protein, non gmo, what more can you ask for???  Try them!

The other thing I am trying, or doing, I am going to a another Dr. tomorrow, on the recommendation of my rheumatologist.  I do not want to complain, but part of the reason for this blog is to share what I am doing to keep my RA in check, and right now, NOTHING is working.  It is progressing, and I am having side affects, for example, once I get out bed in the morning, I want is to crawl right back in there because I am exhausted just getting up.  There are other issues to, but in my mind, if I can get rid of the constant fatigue, everything else will fall into place.  What do you think?

I THINK this DR I am seeing tomorrow is a bit more into trying to take care of things naturally, and not just adding more drugs.  I HOPE!  I will let you all know tomorrow what I find out.  I am also trying several other things for my RA, I am taking Collagen daily, gelatin daily, ginger and tumeric daily, lots of water, lots of moving around, low sugar, lots protein, and all of the DRUGS I have to take every day.  I am crossing my fingers!

OK enough whining.  I picked up some Pear Cactus at the market.   I had no idea what this might taste like, but I wanted to try it.  It has a somewhat sweet flavor, but lots of little seeds.  I do like the texture and the taste.  I also bought some dragon fruit, I am going to try that later.

And of course,  I always have this on hand.  I have this at least once a day for the probiotics.  Has anyone else tried this?

I did try to get a good workout in this morning.  It didn’t go too bad, but I was running low on energy.  😞

Well kidz, I had better get back to work, since I am moving like an elephant through peanut butter today, I have not accomplished everything on my list yet.

How is everyone doing on keeping their goals?  Let me know.

Tomorrow I am going to try to list again all of my favorites things that I have found, or that I am trying, and the links and discounts, for the ones that I can offer you discounts on.  So check back tomorrow for those.  If anyone wants to know about anything specific, please let me know.  You can also ask your questions on Instagram, I am tamie_eats_healthy.   I will try to respond to all.

For now, take care, and remember, keep active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!!

I am going to strive to be better tomorrow the I am today, and better today, then I was yesterday.  Life is good!


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