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Friday, Finally and some of my favorite things!

Friday, Finally and some of my favorite things!

Hey All,

I have been a bit lax on posting, life got in the way!😞  But, it is Friday and I am going to try to catch you all up and also, post a few of my favorite things again.

Man, I normally will NOT complain or even mention that it might be hot out, but today, I think it might be a bit toasty.  Just got in from walking Mr G and wow, I need a drink of water!  HYDRATE everyone!

Been doing pretty darn good on the goals, I am not sure that it is making any difference yet, but, I keep reminding myself I must get through 2-4 28 day cycles!

I have really been pushing the increased weight when I work out, and am really glad today is Friday, I plan on taking the weekend off and letting myself rest, or my body rest.

I had mentioned the new Dr I went to and he gave me some things to help me sleep.  Well?  I am not sure on this yet, but it has only been a couple of nights, so I will keep taking this.  Two nights I have slept better, but one night, I was still wide awake at 4 AM.  💤  needless to say, I did not get much of that!

I think I have most of our holiday plans done, so now I just need to think about the clothes to take, and the weather looks like it might be a little rainy, so not sure what to all pack, other then a big variety of clothes!

I do plan on posting at least every other day, if not more, while we are gone.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the sites we plan on seeing and some of the food I plan on eating!  LOTS!!!!! And some of the drinks we plan on sampling!

Now, to share a few of my favorite things again.  I do have links on my side bar to most of these, and some of these will offer discounts, so please, take advantage of these:

Smart Cakes.

Smart Baking Company would like to offer a 10% OFF coupon to all of my followers, Share code:tamie_eats_healthy!

This code expires 1 month from today’s date (08/17/2017)

So try these and see what you think,.  They are Gluten Free, low sugar, high protein, non gmo, what more can you ask for???  Try them!

Four Athletics:

They also have a special offer for my readers, if you go the site

and you buy anything, enter the code tamiew15 and you will get 15% off your entire order.  How awesome is that.  You really need to take a look at the site, and try these.

Wow, I had forgotten how many favorite things I have posted on.

I have decided to only post the above two, and I am going go through and do one long post of ALL of my favorite things and the links for them.  I am going to add comments on these as well, it will be like one long review.

Well gang, I am sorry to make this short, but I want to get more things done today, and I need to hydrate much more, I am feeling a bit sluggish!

Remember, please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, leave criticisms, or just say Hey!  I want to make sure you are all still there!  And I want you to keep coming back, so let me know what I can add to keep you interested!

And remember to keep active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE!

Try to be better today then yesterday and better tomorrow then today.

xoxoxoxo and looking forward to hearing from you.

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