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Shoot Like a Girl

Shoot Like a Girl

Hey All,

I want to tell you all about an organization that I came across a while back, and am just now getting around to sharing with you.

This organization, “Shoot Like a Girl” has a simple mission, to grow the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence. The company was founded in 2008, and launched at the 2009 World’s Archery Festival, NFAA Vegas, it has and continues to achieve that goal, through Test Flights™, seminars and information sharing via facebook and

The founder and president of the company, Karen Butler, realized that although women are the fastest growing demographic in shooting sports, there were still factors that limited their involvement. Primarily, the opportunity for women to try equipment that fits in a safe and controlled environment. Shoot Like A Girl, with the help of their valued corporate sponsors, travels the country with archery equipment in weights and lengths for women to try at their Test Flights™. They go to events where there are a lot of women spectators, but not necessarily a lot of participants, like hunting shows, conservation shows and shooting sports tournaments.

So, why does Shoot Like a Girl encourage shooting sports for women? Shooting sports provides an activity that families can do from a young age for their entire life, it is available to people of all physical fitness levels and it definitely provides gratification when you shoot an X. Heart disease is a leading cause of death for women. Studies show that women have increased their stress levels by asking for more responsibility in the workplace and in the home, but have not given up any traditional roles. Statistically, women still are the primary care giver in their homes, they do the shopping, cleaning, household budgeting, and they take their kids to the doctor, pets to the vet, etc. There was a book published called, “Women want More” by Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre that states women want more time, specifically quality time with their families, some level of physical fitness and a sense of instant gratification. What better way to achieve all those things than with shooting sports, and help combat stress.

Shoot Like A Girl promotes the conservation efforts afforded by the North American Hunting Model and organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. A natural progression in shooting sports is hunting, and Shoot Like A Girl encourages women to realize hunting is a choice they can make to provide true organic food for their families. Protecting the environment, managing wildlife and preserving our hunting heritage is important, and women make a difference in these efforts.

Shoot Like A Girl has also taken a stand on the 2d amendment, and their planned expansion to conduct Test Flights™ with firearms, will help educate women on firearm familiarization and safe responsible gun ownership. Women are key in changing the discussions concerning gun control to topics that will make a difference as our Nation faces a challenge with violent criminals, mental health issues and education about safe use and handling of firearms.


“The above statement was taken from the “Shoot Like a Girl Website”

I encourage anyone that has an interest in shooting to visit their website   

and learn more about them.

Be sure to check out their clothing line as well, some great apparel.

Take Care all and enjoy the reading!

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