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Dublin Recap

Dublin Recap

Wow, what a trip this has been.  I can’t believe that we are headed home already, it has gone much too fast.

I am sorry to all of you readers, I did not post while we were in Dublin, but the days and the time went by so fast.  TOO FAST.

The trip started out fantastic, with a nice drink and appetizers on the ride over;  And a good meal!  I tried to sleep on the plane, but really did not get any rest.

When we arrived in Dublin, and checked into the hotel, the hotel room was fantastic.  It was actually a suite!  with lots of room!This made our stay much better and very comfortable.  Once we got checked in, we went out and got some lunch, and when we returned, this was in our roomWhat a nice anniversary surprise!

We had a whiskey tasting that evening.  This consisted of five different Irish Whiskeys, as well as cheeses, soda bread, and chocolates.  I neglected to take ANY pictures what so ever of this, since I think I was tired, but all of the whiskeys were very good.  We actually walked from one pub to the other, so we got to see some of the area.

We slept a little late our first morning here, but we felt great after that.  It was a little late for breakfast, so we found a place to have some lunch.   I love lamb so I had a lamb burger (no bun of course) and MH had a vegan gluten free dumpling dish with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and kale.  This food was great.  This was at a place called Gallaghers Boxty!  I have to say, the people here were very friendly, and visited with us some.

We wondered the streets of the Temple Bar area for a while and came across the Dwarf Jar,  a local coffee shop.  The coffee here was amazing.  We learned many of the places here use coconut milk, and raw sugar.  This makes the coffee even better.  The Dwarf Jar was right next to the river.

When we got back to the hotel that evening, I decided to sit for a bit by the fire place.A very warm and comfy feeling.

On Saturday we took a day trip to Malahide Castle   I have always wanted to tour a castle and this was very nice.  We toured the grounds and some of the inside, but unfortunately, they had modernized some of the inside so you did not get the real castle feel.  But it was lovely.

From here we went to the fishing village of Howth.  This was a very small and quaint seaside fishing village.  We had one hour to wonder here, so we walked the entire little village, had a coffee, ( we drank a lot of coffee this trip) and watched the fishing boats come and go.

We returned back that evening, went out and had a couple of cocktails and called it a day.

The next several days we did a variety of things.  Of course, when in Dublin, and you drink Jameson as your whiskey of choice, you tour the Jameson Distillery. This was a lot of fun as we ran into people at the bar area after the tour and visited with  them for some time.    (I also decided SINE METU (with out fear) is going to be my new Motto.

As we wondered the streets, we came across a Flower market.  So many fresh bright flowers, and so reasonably priced!

Some of the other things we did, we stumbled upon the National Leprechaun Museum!  How can you pass that up!  This was about an hour tour and very entertaining.  And who could resist these guys!  Oh No, we’ve been shrunk!  Too Much Fun!

We did a lot of walking the streets, we learned that Dublin is a very walking friendly city. as well as very easy to find your way around.  We were lucky as the weather held out for us.  We did get rained on a little one afternoon, but otherwise, it was partly cloudy, a little cool for me, but comfortable and good for walking.

I also realized Dublin is a very easy city to get Gluten Free food in.  They also have a LOT of vegan meals, for MFP, and you other vegan eaters out there.  They also have a large amount of very fresh and local vegetables, seafood, and of course, their butters and cheeses are very very good.  They also have fantastic chocolate.  We actually stopped twice at a Butler Chocolate for chocolates and coffee.  (Again a lot of coffee)

We had our anniversary dinner at a restaurant called Bang.  The food was very good, the presentation was wonderful, the ambience was quiet and service was outstanding.

We had lunch one day at the Pigs Ear.  This was very good as well.  

All in all, this trip was fantastic.  MH and I had a marvelous time, he got some much needed rest, we saw many things, tasted many whiskeys, enjoyed many foods and got the opportunity to see how other people live again.

So for now readers, followers, family and friends, it is life back to normal.

Tomorrow, I am going to try as I said previously,

Drink 100 oz plus of H2O every day

Eat 110+ grams of protein every day


Lift HEAVIER Weights (this is five days a week)

Post to this blog EVERY DAY

Be kind to at least one person every day

Be happy all of the time

Quit Whining

I am also going to set a goal of walking/jogging 100 miles in the month of August

I will keep you all updated on this EVERY DAY!!!

I go back to see my new Dr tomorrow am, to go over the lab work.  I am hoping he will have suggestions to help get me somewhat “back to normal”.  MH would laugh at that.

SO readers, for now, take care and keep reading, and be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, 😊, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and HYDRATE!  Lots of H2O.

Try to be better today then yesterday, and better tomorrow then today.

Over and out, for now!


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Till tomorrow kidlets!


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