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Another Rainy Day

Another Rainy Day

Another rainy morning and another day that Mr. G and I did not get our walk in😞  I can’t believe how I miss that.  That seems to be what gets me going in the morning.  I did get another very good work out in this morning.  I have gone back to the program I was doing some time ago, and it this still seems hard for me, but isn’t that the point?

My goals, I did good yesterday,

Drink 100 oz plus of H2O every day_ I drank 96 oz of H2O, not quite the 100 but pretty darn close.

Eat 110+ grams of protein every day-I only got to 100 grams, but not too bad

Be VERY active EVERY DAY- I was very active yesterday, 👍

Lift HEAVIER Weights (this is five days a week) I did lift heavier yesterday👍

Post to this blog EVERY DAY -I will!!!!

Be kind to at least one person every day  I was kind to several people yesterday, (I like to be kind to be people, keeps my Karma going)

Be happy all of the time  😊  It

Quit Whining  No whining yesterday!!!  👍

I am also going to set a goal of walking/jogging 100 miles in the month of August-I only walked about 5 miles total yesterday, but I think that I set this goal TOO LOW.  Considering today is August 9, and I am up to 30 miles already???  I amy have to increase this.  Let’s talk tomorrow.

Some new things that I am trying.    My Dr. recommended in an effort to cut down on sugar, and curb sugar cravings, to get some sugar free dark chocolate, and he actually recommended the Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I found these, they are GF, Non GMO, and they only have 4g of sugar, and they are 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate!  There are 4 per package, and they are like 2 bites each, PERFECT!!!  I found these at the local Kroger Store.  I suggest you try these.

Something else I am trying   Smart Cakes.  I got a sampler pack of these, it contained three packages like this one, they were chocolate, cinnamon and coconut.  So far, I have  tried the cinnamon, (I like cinnamon, but this was kind of strong.  )  I have not tried the chocolate yet, but I did also try the coconut.  I highly recommend the coconut, and I can only imagine the chocolate is very good as well.  There was also a four pack of hamburger buns.  Again, all GF and Non GMO.  I cannot remember the last time I had a bun.  These are fantastic, very light, fluffy and flavorful.  The Smart Cake products are low sugar, they have fiber, protein, no carbs and low calorie.  You can find these at

Check these out and let me know what you think!

Again, that thing called work is beckoning me back, so I had best get back it.  I will have more tomorrow.

Again, I am open to any ideas for blogs, comments, suggestions and or questions.  Feel free to leave a comment or send directly to my e-mail

Remember, stay active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and Hydrate!!!  LOTS!  (Maybe give your fur kid a hug as well)

Until tomorrow


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