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Kicking’ it Today!

Kicking’ it Today!

Hey All!

How is everyone doing today?  All good here!  Even though I slept like crappidoodle last night, I feel good today.  MAYBE, because we got our jalk in this morning, just barely.  We were just finishing up when the shower decided to move in.  But we made it home almost dry👍

I’ve been a whirlwind since I got up this morning.  I also got a great work out in this AM.  I mentioned yesterday I went back to doing a program I was on a while back, and I really like this program.  I have been lifting somewhat heavier EVERY DAY!

My goals, I did good yesterday,

Drink 100 oz plus of H2O every day_ I drank 105 oz of H2O,

Eat 110+ grams of protein every day-I  got to 122 grams, BETTER

Be VERY active EVERY DAY- I was very active yesterday, 👍

Lift HEAVIER Weights (this is five days a week) I did lift heavier yesterday🏋🏽👍

Post to this blog EVERY DAY -I will!!!!

Be kind to at least one person every day  I was kind to several people yesterday, (I like to be kind to be people, keeps my Karma going)

Be happy all of the time  😊

Quit Whining  No whining yesterday!!!  👍

I am am increasing my goal of walking/jogging 100 miles in the month of August-I will increase this to 150 miles!!🏃 As of yesterday, August 9th, I have walked a total of 30 miles.  I have 21 days to walk 120 miles, piece of cake 🍰

Speaking of cake, or kind of, on my blog yesterday I talked about the Smart Cakes.  I received an e-mail from them today and since I am a representative for them:

This is just a courtesy message, to inform you that Smartbuns® price changes will take effect on 9/1/2017.

As a representative of the Smart Baking Company™ brand, we would like you to participate in taking part in promoting for the last month at lower pricing.

  Just a reminder and you may want to check these out before the price increase.  Stock up on them.

I have also started again listening to some of my favorite Podcasts.  I think I was just so out of it, tired and no energy, for such a long time, I lost interest in them as well.  Anyways, I started listening again and I had forgot how motivating and how funny these are.  Two of my favorites are Girls Gone Wod and Paleomg.  I listen to others but these are the best!  If any of you have favorites, please share, I spend a lot of time listening to these podcasts.

I am going to try to several days a week post a motivational quote or pic or something, just because I can.    This has been one of my favorites for some time, but I see it every day and don’t think much of it.   It makes you stop and think.

Frozen Grapes.  Have I  mentioned how good these are?  I think I talked about them the other day.  Everyone always suggests these for a good snack, but really, come on, frozen grapes???  Well buckaroos, if you have not tried them, DO!!!!  Also, they are great in your waters,   This picture did not have the frozen grapes in it, but I have been doing this and it is very refreshing.

I think that’s all I have for today.  Again, please send comments, suggestions, critics???  I am open to all.

And remember, stay active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and Hydrate!!!  LOTS!  (Maybe give your fur kid a hug as well)

Until tomorrow


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