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What a Week it has been!

What a Week it has been!

This is truly been the week from hell! I am so glad I have you readers out there to vent with, my family will be happy to.  They won’t have to listen to me!

First, our dishwasher.  About 6 weeks ago, we bought a new Bosch dishwasher. We bought a very good one at Best Buy and paid for delivery and installation.  About 2-3 weeks ago, it quit working.  It would not drain.  I had Bosch come out to fix it.  They got here and told me it was an installation problem, that I needed to contact Best Buy.  I did that, and they were very good, at first.  We set up an appointment for 10 days later.  They called the night before to confirm, but then, the day of the appointment, no one called and no one showed up.  I called them the very next day, and have been getting jerked around since.  Even though they never showed up, I have to wait another 10 days for the next appointment.  This has been going on since Tuesday, so the last call to them yesterday, Wednesday, I told them they can come and get their dishwasher and shove it up their a$$.  I then called the CC company to have them refund the charges.  Now, I have to wait and see what happens next😁

Then the AC.  Last Thursday, one week ago our AC quit working.  I got Cool Ray to come out the very next day.  Unfortunately, they needed to order the part that had died.  Because it was a special order, we had to prepay, and I am okay with that, BUT, they said it SHOULD be in Monday.  I started calling Monday to find out where it was and when it would be delivered.  EVERYDAY, I got a run around and sent from person to person. FINALLY, yesterday, they called that the part was in, and I was the techs first call, he would be here between 8-10.  Well, he finally showed up at 11:20.  I asked him how long it would take he told me it would MAX, be 40 minutes.  He finally finished up at 1:20.  AGAIN😬

Then my printer died last night.  My plan was to run out first thing this morning, right after the AC was done, and get a new one and and have it all installed, no problem.  Well, since Mr Slow AC man is 💩ing around, that isn’t going to happen. However, I did think to buy this online and have in store pick up.  We will see how that works!  I will let you all know, again, AFTER Mr. Slow AC man gets DONE!  Woo Hoo!!!  It took me 27 minutes from the time I walked out of my home and then walked back to pick up this printer.  That is record time, especially in traffic.  That worked Great.  Then it only took about 15 minutes to get it all set up!  I am starting to feel a little better.

Last, for now at least, MH windshield broke, not just cracked.  Now he needs a new windshield.  Piece of cake, right!  WRONG?  It was like can act of congress to get this appointment made, and we cannot get this done until September 1.  Then, because it has all of the sensors in it, everything needs to be reprogrammed😖  What NEXT???

Okay, that is enough or you will all quit reading.

On to other things.

 I know these have been around for some time, but I am just getting around to trying them.  These are really good.  I bought the Sea Salt.  I know they have several other flavors, that I will try.  These have a very light and clean taste.  These may become my go to snack.

I also found at Whole Foods, this is a very dangerous store for me,  I have had Kale Chips before, and they are OK, but these are very good.  And since I am trying to get more iron in my diet, these are a good choice.  They have just a tiny bite to them, but in a good way.

I also got these for my fur kid  I think he may have had these before, but he REALLY likes these.  And if I am trying to eat better, so should he.  Besides, I just like to spoil him.  I watched an interview with the founder of these a week or two ago, and it is a pretty cool story, so I feel good about buying these as well.

TV shows.  Right now, I am watching Ballers and Power.  I really like both of these shows.

I haven’t been able to find any new podcasts to watch, so again, if any of you readers have ideas for new podcasts, e-mail me or leave comment.  I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I need new ideas.

Oh and football is right around the corner.  I know they are playing preseason now, that I really don’t like.  It seems at least one player always gets hurt.  I cannot wait for the regular season to start.

And college football, almost here!  Should I say GBR!!!  MD will know what that means.  BTW, MD, where are we ranked this year?

Well buckaroos!  I hope everyone is having a great day!

I think that’s all I have for today.  Again, please send comments, suggestions, critics???  I am open to all.

I am not going to promise to post again tomorrow, because it seems every time I do that, something comes up and I get busy and do not post.  So, I will just say, until next time, but keep checking back!

And remember, stay active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be thankful, tomorrow is a promise to no one, and Hydrate!!!  LOTS!  (Maybe give your fur kid a hug as well)

Until tomorrow


Okay, the motivation on the beginning of this post is so me.  REALLY it is never to late, so get your shit together.

I would love to hear your feedback