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Fresh Harvest and More

Fresh Harvest and More


Another crazy busy week.  I can’t believe today is Friday already.

First, in my Fresh Harvest Basket from yesterday I got all kinds of goodies!     There were sweet potatoes, carrots, onion and green onions, muscadine grapes, beets and I got some Roasted Garlic and Basil Butter and some Veggie Patch Hot Sauce.  I have not had that in the past, so once I try this, I will let you know how this was.  Remember their offer to my readers:

Fresh Harvest is your direct partnership with local, organic farmers in Georgia and the health they can provide you.  They simply gather up their produce and deliver it to your door.  Baskets are customizable and you can add other local groceries like meat, milk, and eggs.

 How it works:

  • Select a basket type 

  • Choose a weekly or biweekly delivery.

  • Choose home or office delivery. No delivery fees

  • Customize your order within your online account at no additional charge.

  • Skip or cancel any time.    

– How it works 2 min video.

– Farm Tour 1 min trailer.  

They have made a special offer to the readers of my blog.  If you enter Tamie Eats Healthy as your referral you will get $10 off your first basket.  There is a link on my sidebar.

I have had GREAT Work Outs all week.  I mentioned earlier in the week, I was really getting lazy so I went back to a program I had that really kicks some butt.  I have talked with this team, and they welcomed me to share their details.

It is the Live Lean Program for Women, and I tell you, this is great.  This is a husband and wife team,  they have a weekly podcasts that is a question and answer series and they offer great advise.  They are so many programs to chose from, and they are awesome about offering advice and returning e-mails.  Can I say, please check them out

I must get back to that thing called ATW Equipment, my work

and get the rest of my work done.

I will be back next week, or sooner!  Maybe I will share our dinner this evening, as we plan on going out for a treat!

Oh, I almost forgot football.  Tomorrow OD will be to cheer on the Huskers, GBR.  It will be a great game and we have great food planned.

Sunday our Falcons do not play until evening, so that will give us all day to do out door things, and then settle in to cheer them on. Go Falcons.

Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is not tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

xoxoxo till Monday

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Luv ya all!

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