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When MH picked my up at DIA, there were a FEW flurries flying, but by the time we got into Denver, SNOW!!!  Okay, not really a lot, but there was some.

Anyway, I need to back up.  First, when I got to the airport in Atlanta, I had some time so I decided to go to the Sky Club and get some work done.  I really sometimes cannot believe what pigs people are. First, it was packed in there, which it was just that time of day.  I did finally find a place to sit and work.  After I got all set up, I wanted a glass of water and  a coffee.  Well there about 10 people lined up for coffee, so I just got a glass of water.  As I walked back to my table, there was a person sitting that had 3 bowls of soup, two plates piled with food, and a plate of cookies and brownies.  I looked around and I am quite sure she was all alone.  REALLY, but then, who am I to criticize, sorry, I know I am not perfect either.

Anyway, got to DIA and my intent was to get a cup of coffee, because I still had not had my coffee for the day, and by now it was 2 in the afternoon. MH was already waiting for me, so needless to say, I did not get my coffee.  HOWEVER, when he picked me up, he said, I found a place we are going to try.

We went to a coffee shop on Pecos called Huckleberry Roasters.  WOW what a find.  I am sorry I did not take a picture, but the coffee was great.  I asked if they had coconut milk, which they did not, but the very helpful girl working said they offered oat milk as an alternate, so what they HEY, I had her put a little steamed oat milk in my coffee.  GREAT COFFEE!!!!   OK, we sat inside and enjoyed our first cup, and when we finished, I got a 2nd cup to take with me.  This was excellent coffee.  If you are in the area, check them out.

On the way back to the hotel, MH took me by his favorite SWEET place, The Dessert Stand, this is off 95th street, in Westminster.  We had almost decided not to stop, but I said why not, I was still hungry.  Well they did have several gluten free options, SCORE, but I settled on one only.  They said it was Red Velvet, but I think it was chocolate, which was fine because it was like eating chocolate fudge with icing.  IMG_2295  I could have also gotten frosted Rice Krispie bars, or a Caramel Apple!!!  MH got a BIG brownie IMG_2294which surprising he has not even eaten yet.  I think we will need to stop by here tonight again.

Any gang, I know this is short and sweet, but I need to get showered up so we can head out to Boulder,  I will have more tonight and tomorrow, of my ventures!

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Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is not tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

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