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Just another day in paradise!

Just another day in paradise!

Hello all you great people!  What a gorgeous day it is out!  Just had to walk out and get my afternoon coffee.  Really didn’t need the coffee but wanted to get out for a minute.

I am running behind today.  I went to visit a customer today to talk about a new project.  p07 This customer refurbishes old Humvees, the originals, and he needs the canvas tops.  I am really excited about this.  I have not done anything like this, so I consider this a challenge.   For those of you that don’t know what my “other” job is, take a look at my work website

As you can see, if you take a look at that site, I do a very large variety of items.

The drive to this customer was a little longer drive, but such a beautiful drive.  the shop is truly out in the rural area of the city, quite a ways out of the city.  The trees and leaves were just beautiful.  The roads were windy, so I could not make very good time, but the scenery was worth it.  Really glad I had the opportunity to visit him.

I did get a good workout today, a little later than normal, but that is part of my new overall health plan!  To mix it up.  I have been told to really mix things up, my ways of eating, what I eat, and how and when I exercise, so that is what I am doing.  MIXING IT UP!  I plan on trying this until we leave for our Christmas Holiday, and MF will be the judge of whether or not it works.  They are all very honest, which is good.

Today, I did a circuit of dumbbell bench press, leg extensions, overhead rope tris, lat pull downs,  and step ups.  I probably didn’t do this fast enough, but it felt good.

I have questions for any of you out there that have the new series III Apple/Nike watch.  I wore my Garmin for several years and got very used to the way this kept track of things.  I am learning the Apple Watch does things differently, or so I have been told.  If any of you know differently, or work arounds, please let me know.

Apparently, you cannot set your own goals for total steps per day.  And, it seems that my calorie burn is MUCH lower on my Apple watch, than it was on my Garmin.  (Maybe that is why I keep gaining weight)  Also, is there a way to put an app for the watch on your Mac?  Is there a way to link this, or is there an app that uses the watch, where you can track ALL activity, steps, calories burned, and calories taken in?  I got Apple Tech on the phone, but apparently these are not possible?  Again, if anyone knows of ways to do this, or work arounds, shoot me an e-mail or leave a detailed comment.

Otherwise, I love the watch.  I have learned pretty much how to use most of the options, and I love that I can keep track of my BP so easily.  What to you guys think of this watch?

I had a snack with my afternoon coffee of one half rice cake with Barney’s Almond Butter, and Mr. G decided he wanted a snack as well.  IMG_2361-1  I could not get the bag opened fast enough.  These were the salmon jerky I got for him from Vital Choice Seafood.  IMG_2360  He apparently loved these because he is now in doggy heaven!  Check out my yesterday’s blog post for more on Vital Choice Seafood.

I was listening to a podcast, ( have I mentioned how hooked I am on podcasts) and there was some good advice.   I know, sometimes, or most times, we get very obsessed with food and what we eat, but they were talking about when you travel and on are holiday or vacation, sometimes you just have to say “what they hey?”  This advise could not have come at a better time, since I will be in Las Vegas next week, and we have several good meals planned, and I have already talked with MilkBar, and I will be doing an entire post on them, so I will need to sample lots.  Be watching for the post next week.

Well pickle toes, I am going back to my other job, but I am working on updating a few things on my site, and working on a post of all my favorite things.  So keep checking back.

Till tomorrow, this is tamie over and out!

Remember, gang, if you have topics you want to discuss, questions, whatever, please feel free to send me an e-mail

or leave a comment.  You can also find me on IG,  tamiesjouney

Take care, be safe, and see you all next time.

Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is no tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

xoxoxo till next time!

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