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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the day we should all be thankful.  We live in America where we have every opportunity that we could want.  I personally am very Thankful for my wonderful family, my husband, daughter, son and his wonderful wife.  And of course, G.  I am thankful that I am able to get up everyday and take in air, good food, be happy and get around.  I am thankful for the friends I have, the work I do, and for all of you readers out there.  Thank you and keep reading and keep checking back.  (And remember to check out the products I have tried)

Well, we made it to Vegas and the weather is awesome.  Shorts was perfect for walking around and exploring.

Our hotel room is fabulous, the balcony is big with a oversized chair and ottoman, and the view is breathtaking.


Of course it has the mini bar, 53307751469__2B28D557-6C3C-4BF0-A98B-D0B1F7B65E61and the bathroom, of which is has two, has a Japanese Soaking tub and a huge shower.  53307747568__A9F8E634-921F-42F3-A5C9-BEB5C3CF6416  And it has a scale in it, what’s up with that!!!!

After we checked in and unpacked, we wondered down the strip, got a coffee, people watched for a while,  very entertaining, and then, because we had not eaten, went out to find something to eat.  The place MH wanted to eat, Diablos, is no longer open, so we just headed back towards the hotel.  The hotel has 17 eating places alone.  And of course, the Milk Bar.

Our first stop was the Milk Bar, IMG_2374.  They have a very nice display of their cookies, they have a different menu, offer coffee, and of course, their Crack Pie. IMG_2372 I was very excited because they now have Gluten Free Cookies, two varieties.

I got one of each.  And of course, I had to eat them both.  They were very moist, chewy, and did not taste like some gluten free items.  Very Good!

MH had the Crack Pie,IMG_2377which he said was as good as always.  We may stop again today, I would like to see if they have anything else I can try!

We ended up eating at Eggslut, IMG_2376One of the restaurants in the hotel.  MH said his sandwich was great, basically, his was bacon, egg, cheese on a bun.  I got what was called the Slut, it looked like the best choice for me, and I was disappointed.  It came in a SMALL glass, a few mashed potatoes on the bottom, and an egg on top, with a few chives.  Not the best thing I ever had, but that was my choice.IMG_2375

Again readers, be sure the take a good look at what you have and maybe think about how good things are.  Check back tomorrow for more on the Milk Bar, maybe, and Voodoo Restuarant.  And remember to check out my Beautycounter site

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