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Back at it on this sunny Monday

Back at it on this sunny Monday

Welcome back all you people out there in reader land.

Did everyone get plenty of good food on they Thanksgiving Holiday weekend?  Did anyone do Black Friday shopping?  What about Cyber Monday shopping?  Seems this is getting to be quite the “shopping ” day.

I did not post while we were in Las Vegas as I had planned, we really got busier and did a lot more than we thought we would, so time did not permit.  When we flew home, my plan was to get caught up, but I think, because of all of the food I ate that I SHOULD not have eaten, my stomach was a bit upset, so I took it a little easy on the plane and watched movies.

But, now I have a LOT to blog about.  Vegas was awesome.  The weather was unbelievable, it was almost 80 everyday, perfect for throwing on a pair of shorts and heading out.

On Thanksgiving Day, we headed out and ended up walking all the way down the strip to Fremont Street, which ended up to be about 5 miles.  IMG_2400We did have two coffee stops along the way, and a water break, but it was such a beautiful day, we just kept walking.

We grabbed a little mid day meal, then did a little more shopping and headed back to the hotel.  We wanted to put our feet up for a minute before we got ready for our dinner.

We had out Thanksgiving Dinner at Voodoo Steakhouse at the Rio Hotel.  We have been here before, but it was so good, we decided to eat there again.

The view from their outdoor lounge on the 50th floor is unbelievable.  I understand it is a little hard to see in the dark, but is almost worth going there just for the sights.

They started us off with a bread basket, (which I had to try a piece just to have something to dip into the sauce) which was a mixture of butter, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.  FANTASTIC!!!  MH started with his normal Dirty Martini, which he was was made perfectly. IMG_2384  I had my normal Jameson, which you really cannot mess up.  For dinner MH had the 8 0z Filet Mignon, which was prepared perfectly and tasted amazing.  I had the Diver Scallops with caramelized cauliflower, mushrooms and fennel, this was simply amazing, I almost had to lick the plate.

We also shared an order of VooDoo Fries with truffle oil, parmesan, garlic and parsley.  These were SOOO good!!!!

Of course we had to have desert, which was a chocolate bomb.  IMG_2398This was more like chocolate, caramel pudding, and again GREAT.  I normally do not try after dinner drinks, but they had some unusual drinks, so I decided “what the hey!”  MH had a martini with blood orange juice and Bombay Sapphire, while I tried a drink that had Knob Creek, maple syrup and bitters.

I sucked that down in about a minute flat.  It was great.  I would highly recommend this if you are in Vegas.  Our server was very attentive, efficient, and it was just a great overall experience.

On Friday, we started with NO plans.  We slept in a little, then decided we needed to get some breakfast, which we had in one of the many hotel restaurants, but it was a fantastic breakfast.  I ended up ordering a yogurt and granola parfait, which I thought would be pretty simple, but it had the most unique flavor to it!

After breakfast, we walked down the strip and got a coffee and made our plans.  We decided to head out to the Ethyl M Chocolate Factory.  This was closer then we thought, which was a good thing.  We walked around the shop, did the self tour thing, of course bought some chocolate, and then toured the Cactus Garden.  This was so amazing.  These are just random pictures I took walking around.  This turned out to be quite the trip.

We headed back to Vegas and wondered around some more, did a tiny bit  of gambling, got one more coffee and people watched.  By now it was time to clean up a little and head out to get dinner.  We called it a night early, because we had a very early flight home on Saturday, but to summarize, this was a wonderful and relaxing, very food filled trip.

On to some other things.

Beauty counter.  I am really liking this more and more as I use it.  My favorite is still bc_bc_2-plumpingfacialmist_selling01_webFacial Mist.  I think I use this 3-5 times a day.  It is a quick pick me up and feels wonderful!  Click on the link below to see all of the Beautycounter products:

In fact, I am going to place a new order today for some of the products I have not tried yet.  I am thinking of trying the

Perfect Pout Trio – Pink

This Lip Gloss collection features new, limited edition pink shades that will instantly perk up your pout with subtle shine. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients and natural peppermint flavor, these sheer, cool shades go on smooth and never feel sticky. Plus, it’s all packaged in a red sliding-drawer box for effortless gifting. Set includes Rosé (sheer nude pink shimmer), Tulip (sheer blush pink), and Raspberry (sheer bright pink).


Vital Choice:

I really cannot say enough good stuff about this company and their products.  Go to the link below:

To see all of the good and fun things they have.  Check out this

Shellfish Trioshellfish-trio-380px.jpg

scallops, prawns & king crab

Our frozen shellfish sampler features three popular choices: Wild Pacific Spot Prawns, Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops, and Wild Alaskan Red KIng Crab Claws.

Another of my favorite things is Four Athletics.  They have so many cool things on their site, and their clothing is awesome to work out in.  (It makes you lift more and longer)  Check out all the cool things they have at

and you buy anything, enter the code tamiew15 and you will get 15% off your entire order.  How awesome is that.  You really need to take a look at the site, and try these.

Some GOOD news, I had a follow up with my Rheumy today, and my Bone Density Scan showed my bones are getting stronger.  AWESOME!!!  I believe it is a combination of the food I have been eating and not eating, the exercise and just trying to take good care of me.  This is great news for me!

Well gang. till next time,  this is Tamie over and out!


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Take care, be safe, and see you all next time.

Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is no tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

xoxoxo till next time!

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