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Time is FLYING!

Time is FLYING!

I cannot believe it is only one week until Christmas.  I do not know why, but this year has truly slipped away from me.  I really need to slow the clock down!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  I had a nice, relaxing, somewhat emotional weekend.  We were invited to a friends Christmas Party who we have not seen for over 10 years, and it was very emotional for me.  I did not realize how much I have missed her, and what a dear friend she truly is.  We made a promise to NEVER be that apart again, EVER!!!!  Thank You DW for being a GREAT friend.  And of course, her party was off the wall!

Since yesterday was cold, damp and dreary here, it was a nap kind of day.  I did take a quick nap but then tried to catch up on my work, and I don’t know why I do that, because it NEVER works!

Trying to make sure I eat good, and exercise good, because I see a lot of GOOD food in my near future, once we go on our Christmas Holiday.  I started my day with a good breakfast of grapefruit, boiled egg, salmon and pumpkin seeds.  IMG_2501

I haven’t been doing TOO bad, BUT, I have the worst, biggest craving for a sugar cookie.  I may just have to give in and either make a really small batch., or get just one.  If I don’t take care of it soon, I will have tried to eat everything in our house!

Stitch Fix.  I told you all on Friday I got my new box.  It was all tops, which was what I wanted, but I have decided to only keep three, and I need to return one of those for a larger size, do to my Thunder Flappy arms.  They just don’t quite fit, but I really like the top.  These are the tops I am keeping:


These are the two I am returning, I liked them, they just didn’t look great on me:

New tops for our trip!

I did a somewhat decent wo this am.I wasn’t feeling it to much this morning, I think because I did not sleep that good last night, but I did manage to get a good half hour work out in.  Maybe I will sleep better this evening, and get a MUCH better work out in tomorrow.  🏋🏽😤

For dinner last evening, we had turkey breast and MH made this AWESOME Lotus root dish.  It was so simple, but SO good.  He took lotus root, sliced it, covered it with Parmesan and some other cheese, and then baked it in a pan with olive oil for about an hour.  This was great!

Well kiddolonis!  I am getting some feedback, but I would still like more, especially on the camera, to get or not, and if to get, what kind?  On topics you want me to post on?  And any other comments, questions, or just feedback, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail at

Well gang, till next time/Take care, be safe, and see you all next time.

Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is no tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

xoxoxo till next time!

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