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I am Still Here and Blogging Away!

I am Still Here and Blogging Away!

Hello Again!

Here I am again!  My plan was to do this FIRST thing this morning and here it is, 3 in the afternoon.  This happens to me every Chinese New Year.  (If you don’t know this, my business is working with my factories in China, so when the Chinese New Year hits, they normally take at least two weeks off.  During that time, I have a VERY long list of work and personal items I plan on getting done, and never do)  So, today, one project led to another and another and well, you get the picture!

So Tomorrow, I have to push harder for a different outcome!

Somehow, G and I lucked out this morning, and got out for about a mile and half walk before the downpours started.  Then came the Thunder, and poor GIMG_2615  I put his T-shirt on to  calm him down.  It helped a little.  I think we will get lucky this evening again, it appears to be stopping, for now at least.

I also got a pretty good lift in this morning, every day I am trying to lift a little more weight, trying to get back up there where I used to be.  Since I had my tiny biopsy, for whatever reason, I am feeling pretty good.  (Cross my fingers)

I listened to several podcasts this morning, and on one of them, I am quite sure it was Fed and Fit and the very happy sounding Cassie Joy, where she talked about unfollowing people on IG or FB that make us feel bad about our bodies.  She also talked about the fact that everyone post pics of only good things.  Seriously, life can’t be that good.  I for one, I try to always look at the positive and I don’t like to share bad things with people but what the F?  There are bad things in life!  Life is not a continuous bowl of cherries, but I like to try to make it that way.  So, to mix it up, I thought I would share some of the Not so FUN things I get to do.  Today is IMG_2613 injection day.  I do this every Wednesday, takes 20 seconds, yes, I count this down to make sure I get every last drop of liquid into my system.  This is the easy one.

Tomorrow, I do IMG_2602 This is the Infusion and this take a little over an hour.   Six needles, two syringes and lots of bandaids. (Plus even more hydration, which reminds me, lets all take a drink of water) I think I need to buy Band Aid Stock!  But, I think it is all helping and DAMN, do I look good!🤒

Speaking of podcasts, I really think I need to start a podcasts.  I would be really good at this, I can talk non stop about nothing or everything.  Problem, I have no idea how to do this, and if I did this, how do I get people to listen to me?  And if I get people to listen to me, how do I get sponsors?  Do any of you have any idea how I can do this?  Please e-mail me if you have knowledge or comments on this:

Looking forward to your comments.

But back to podcasts.  I need more ideas for new podcasts.  I tried one the other day, and just could not get into it.  Maybe I need to give it another try.  I did try a little of Wine and Crime.  It was oaky, but I think I need to start at the beginning.  You would think I would like this, since I like WINE!IMG_2527.jpg

Again, ideas for podcasts, please e-mail me your ideas

I like fitness, food, workout wear ideas, travel, really, anything!

Have any of you worked in Ancestry?  I am working on our family tree, and I spent about two hours working on this, and the more I read and get into this, the more you can learn, add, find out.  We had our DNA done and as I suspected, I am almost all German, (WOW, considering both of my fathers parents came from Germany??)  but MH, who thought he was all German, turns out he is mostly Scandinavian.  It really is kind of fun to learn about your ancestors.  (Don’t Worry A, when I get this further along, I will share with you and J.)

OK, unlike yesterday, I actually ate a decent breakfast, a decent lunch, and now I am making lasagne for dinner tonight.  Not really following a recipe, so hopefully, this will turn out.  If I remember, I will take a picture and share how it turned out.  Of course, this is all Gluten Free, with lots of cheese, is that healthy?  (BTW A, have you made your DR appt to see if you have a gluten intolerance)  Has anyone out there had this testing done? If so, do you feel it is accurate, has it helped, let me know.

Well gang, till next time/Take care, be safe, and see you all next time.

Remember, to hydrate, drink lots of water, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and live life like there is no tomorrow, since tomorrow is a promise to no one.

xoxoxo till next time!

Readers if you have questions, comments, ideas or just want to vent, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at

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