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Here we go again!

Here we go again!

Hey All,

Ok me again and here again.  It has been a long time, too long.  But, I am back and this time, I am here to stay.

I have been doing a lot of thinking on the direction I want this blog to move forward on, and I have several ideas, but I think that I am going to focus on my journey to have a healthier, less drugs, more comfort, lifestyle.  Pretty much, I am going to share the foods I try to help with healing and getting off a few of my prescribed medications, the exercises and routines I am doing for the same reason, different things I am trying, such as the cupping I had done, and in general, what I am doing to enjoy my life, my family and my friends more.  I will also share our travel experiences.  I probably won’t share recipes, since I am SUCH a gourmet cook, but I can show you pictures and ideas of what I am doing.

First, we need to get caught up.  How is everyone doing?  If you are like me, you are ready for spring, warm weather, sunshine, flowers blooming!!!  Let me know what’s new!

Second, I need to tell you all about my trip to Honolulu.  We spent five nights in Honolulu, our hotel was right on Waikiki Beach.  This was a wonderful trip.  The weather was great, we saw everything we went to see, and than more, we ate a lot of really good food, and just sat back and enjoyed.  The foliage was absolutely beautifulIMG_2846.jpg

Who can’t love a flower like this?  The sunsets were unbelievableIMG_2879.jpg

We could see Diamond Head from our hotel room.  IMG_2843.jpg  We ate a lot of really good food.  One night we attended a Luau  IMG_2875.jpgThe pig was fantastic, along with all of the other foods.   The entertainment at the Luau was also good, my favorite was the fire show.IMG_2878.jpg

Every night at dinner I said I was going to try a tropical drink, but I never did.  I just can;t get into that, I pretty much like my Jameson or wine!

All in all, it was a great trip, a lot of relaxation, and way too much food.  It is always good to get back home, and back in a routine, plus, I missed IMG_2638

ok, on to other things.  I talked in the beginning of this post about focusing more on my journey to have a healthier, less drugs, more comfort, lifestyle.  In learning that I have multiple autoimmune diseases, and I am pretty much on the max of medications, I have been researching different blogs and websites on natural ways to control some of this.  It is obvious that I will never be off all of the meds, but if I can get off of some, or at least a more healthy and comfortable lifestyle, what the hell.

Everyone talks about the elimination diet.  Well, if you have ever looked at that, I know this is not something that  I can stick with.  So, in doing more reading and research, I am working on a plan to really track what I eat, how I feel after eating different foods, my sleep, my energy, my inflammation and my mood.  I will also keep track of the exercises I do.  I need to make myself do  one thing, or concentrate on one area for at least one month, or I will not be able to track or see any results.  So you guys have to keep asking and encouraging me to do this.  My hope is, if I can be successful at this, I can maybe help others in my situation, (or condition) however you want to refer to this.

To start, I am going to incorporate a lot more vegetables in my diet, mainly green vegetables, a little more fruit, ( I know my body does better with fruit) and a regular work out routine.  I think it will be a good idea to do one yoga or other class a week.  I really want to try crossfit, but right now, I better start something with a little less chance of injury.

I thought about going Keto, but I am not sure on that yet, however, I do want to get more healthy fats into my diet, avocados, olive oils, ????Is anyone out there doing Keo and if so, let me know your thoughts on this.

Now, here is where you all come in.  If you have experience with any type of diets for autoimmune disease, food plans, is it better to eat three meals a day or more often, smaller meals?  (This is something else I want to experiment with)  Classes you might suggest?  Please share any and all of your thoughts and ideas with me.


Also, the amount of calories I need in a day.  I think around 1600 to 1800 is a good number, but again, do you have suggestions or how to more accurately calculate this?

The other thing I have learned in traveling, I DO NEED to be much more active than I was in Hawaii.  I thought that I was doing my body some good by resting it. WRONG!!!  By the time we were ready to come home, I was STIFF AS A BOARD!  That just tells me I need to be more active.

Any way gang, I think that I have talked at you long enough for now, I want you all to come back for more.  I am going to try to post Monday thru Friday, I will post what I ate, my routine for that day, how I feel, how my weight is, how my attitude is, just overall in general, so after the the end of one month, I can see if that plan works.

Again, I am open for ideas or recipes or workouts, or just feedback.

Remember all, hydrate, Drink Lots of H2O, get up and move, be active, be happy, be healthy, and come back tomorrow for more.

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with comments or suggestions or what you are doing!

Take care till later



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