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Monday, Day 5

Monday, Day 5

Hello Again,

Is everyone having a great Monday?  Is it raining, snowing, sunny where you are?  It is a rainy dreary day here in Atlanta, but at least we had some sun on Saturday.

What did everyone do over the weekend?  We were lucky and got to take the motorcycles out for a while on Saturday and got to soak up some sun, and Vitamin D!  It felt good to get out.  It is amazing though, how that cool fresh air just zaps you.  By the time we got back in, I needed a short nap.💤

Anyway, day 5 and I am still at it.  I am not going to list everything I ate and did over the past three days, but I will list what I ate in general, the work out I did on Friday.

For food, I have eaten:




Shrimp Tacos

Tortilla Chips


Potato Salad

Peanut butter Rice Krispie Bars

Eggs (Lots)


Flapped Jack Waffles

I think that pretty much is everything I have eaten over the last three days, I am being very careful of the foods I eat.  Or at least trying!

On Friday, for my workout I did the below:

Dumb Bell Overhead Tri


Jumping Jacks

Lat Pull Downs

Leg Press

Running in place

Tri Dips

Weighted Abs

Rope Overhead Tris

Again, in between each exercise I did one sprint done the hall and back.  This really kicks up your heart rate.

We got lucky and got our 3-4 mile walks in both Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday, we went to the gym and swam and sat in the hot tub for awhile.  This is so good for you and feels so good!

And of course, each morning I said my be kind to Tamie routine!  I have also finally gotten back to drinking lots of water, and one bottle of Kombucha everyday.  That stuff is really addictive!  Do any of you have a favorite?

My pain level today, maybe a 6.5.  I didn’t sleep so good last night, I am not to sure why.

One of the things, (one of many) my rheumy recommended was getting the Autoimmune cookbook and actually following it and also, going to the gym and doing at least one class a week.  Like everything else I am doing, I say more do and less talk.  I have not got this cook book yet, but I looked at it yesterday, we were at the book store, and I think I will get this.  The recipes look pretty easy, things we will actually eat, and maybe it will help some also.  I have also looked at the classes at the gym, and this week, I will get out and do one class, just not sure which one yet.  You need to hold me to this!

On my journey to be healthier, have less pain, and maintain my weight, (since with RA , CVD and PMR, this seems to be a big issue, thus causing less mobility, therefore, causing more pain and stiffness) I think it would be a good idea to what the dr says????  REALLY?

I will continue to share, at least for the next 25 days, what I am doing and if it is helping, but if any of you have been on this journey, please share what might have worked or not worked for you.

On to other things.  It seems my skin has been exceptionally dry lately,  It could be the weather, or it could be some of the things I am taking, but I am also working very hard to  take better care of my skin. This is part of my journey as well.

I have tried several things, but in my googling, and listening to some podcasts, I have decided to give Tula a try.  They have an Anti Aging starter kit that I ordered.  I am really excited to try this as I have heard many good things about this.  Once I get this, and try this,  (it is supposed to be a 30 day supply) I will let you know what i think.

I have also gone back to using coconut oil on my body.  This is a bit greasy, but really makes your skin soft.

Next subject.  I am still contemplating, in the back of my crazy😜 mind, starting a podcast.  How much fun would that be.  My only problem is, would I have listeners, and what would I talk about once a week?  This is where I would really like input.  E-mail with your thoughts

Well chickie doodles, until I can get this blog to generate income, and maybe a podcast, I have to get back to my real job.

Remember to hydrate, drink lots, get up and move, be active, keep a smile on your face, be happy, and get out and enjoy the SUNSHINE.  Life is short, live hard!



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