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Day 12

Day 12

Well kidlets, I am still watching my diet, working out, and feeling good, really better.  (And I look so DAMN good)😎

I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend.  I know we did.  It was MH B-day weekend, so we went out on Friday night, Saturday night, and had lunch with OD on Sunday.  So, I am not going to list the food I ate over the weekend, because it was pretty much not worth tracking.  I did not eat THAT bad, other than maybe the Chinese Buffet we went to on Saturday evening.  MH LOVES Chinese food, so this is what he wanted.  I did pretty good, and some of what I took I did not eat, because I just didn’t think I needed it after I took it, and I stayed far away from the deserts.  I have been slowly going back to what seems to work best for me, more fruit, less sugar, more yogurt, high protein and just good eating in general.

We did get our walks in both days over the weekend, so that was good, and Saturday, we did get out on our motorcycles, it was the perfect day for it!  I would say we kept pretty active over the weekend.

Mr G and I did get a pretty good walk in today, and then it was just an okay workout.  Today is month end and that always means a lot of work for me with ATW.  Lots of reports to due, and I think I had that on my mind.  My little fingers have just been going bonkers today, but this is the work out I did do:

Bench Press

Leg Press

Bent Over Dumb Bell Row

Dumb Bell Dead Lift

Jumping Jacks

Over Head Rope Tri


Running in Place


I could not due my normal sprints, they are remodeling and they were painting the hall way today.  Tomorrow I will get a GREAT work out.

My food today is:

1 Cup of Melon

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Collagen Peptides



Chicken Skewers




1 slice of Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Bar

I think that will be everything I eat today.

I have not forgot about the podcast I am working on starting.  I would like some input form you readers.  Let me know your thoughts on this.

I know this is kind of short post, but I still have one more report to finish, and some other e-mails to send.  If you want to know what takes up so much of my time, check out

I neglected to mention, one of the items I make is bands, like stretch bands.  I am thinking of marketing on this blog, as well as IG.  Tomorrow I will post a picture of these and details, and you can let me know if this is something you might be interested and maybe even buy.

Take care doodle bugs and check back tomorrow for a much more interesting read.

Remember to drink lots, keep hydrated, get up and move, be active, keep a smile😎 on your face, be happy, and get out and do something.  You need that vitamin D.

Remember, leave comments or send me an e-mail

and let me know what topics you would like me to talk about, your thoughts on me starting a podcast, and if anyone has ever had a float session.

Take care  xoxo



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