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Day 13

Day 13

Still here and still at it!  I will just start off by saying that I am feeling kind of better.  That is encouraging to keep this up.

What a beautiful day out today,  The temp on our jalk this morning was a little cool, but I was plenty warm when we got back in! YAY, that means I kicked it today!

I said yesterday I was going to take pictures and share details of the stretch bands ATW makes.  I am thinking of marketing these on my blog, as well as

and on IG.

These bands are good for a quick stretch, would make great travel bands, and can be used anywhere.  They come in the set of three.  IMG_2988They are three different tensions, IMG_2989and work great.  Let me know at

if you think you would be interested in these, and if yes, what would you be willing to pay for these?

I just got in from taking G on his lunch break, and all the new growth on the trees and the pretty little flowers is so pretty.

IMG_2991  I was trying to capture the new growth, but I don’t think I did.  It is amazing what a little rain and warm weather does.

On to fitness:

Today, for my work out I did:

2 Arm Overhead Dumb Bell Tri

Leg Extensions

Sprints  (They weren’t painting in the hall this morning yet, so I was able to get my sprints in)

Jumping Jacks

Over Head Rope Tri

Gobble Squats

Running in place


Weighted Abs

Lat Pull Downs

after this, I did a good five minutes of stretching.  (I really got my heart rate up today🏋🏽)

Food Today




Collagen Peptides

Hard Boiled Eggs

Chicken Skewers



Ham Steak

Brussels Sprouts

Avocado Slice


Lasso Frozen Yogurt Bar


Yesterday, my total calories was 1400 and I had 91 grams of protein, 141 carbs and 31 fat. Need to add more fat to my diet.

Overall, I think my pain level today is about a 5, and I have quite a bit of energy.  So I feel like I am making head way.

Today I was listening to a pod cast and they were taking about MCT oils.  Can someone explain to me which is better for you, collagen peptides or MCT Oils.  Or it is best to take both?  I really don’t know much about MCT Oil, so I guess I need to research that.

I need to share with you all that I had a really high viewer ship on my blog the other day, I mean really high, and I am very excited about that.  As you all know, I am trying to grow this, and I want all of the readers and followers I can get.  Please share this blog with your friends, coworkers, whoever you feel may benefit from this.

I had shared this with one of my coworkers (MFJ) in China, and they shared with their friends.  I really appreciate this, and if you are reading this from, well anywhere, please leave a comment as to where you are from.  What country, city or state you are in.  I want to reach as many people around the world as I can.

MFJ also shared some of the activities they would do for their holiday, today is the Memorial Day Holiday in China.  I find it so interesting to learn about other peoples customs and how they celebrate, what they do, how they eat. I love it all.  She was going to do Karaoke with her friends.  I thought that was really cool!

Well, it is that time again, time to get back to

SOOO  check back tomorrow for another day in the life of Tamie.

Remember to drink lots, keep hydrated, get up and move, be active, keep a smile😎 on your face, be happy, and get out and do something.  You need that vitamin D.

Remember, leave comments or send me an e-mail

and let me know what topics you would like me to talk about, your thoughts on me starting a podcast, and if anyone has ever had a float session.

Take care  xoxo


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  1. Hello Tamie,

    It’s amazing that you mention me in your blog.Thank you.
    I do have a great day during the Labour day.I think I will check all your blog update if I have enough time(but always,working days make me busy).I would like to share your blog with my friends,But in China,we mostly use Wechat,QQ,no facebook and twitter.I will leave my personal mail box below,just test whether I can recieve the foreign email by QQ mail.

    You said your next trip would come to China.Would you mind to let me know which city you will visit?I’m working in Dongguan city,Guangdong province.The local people enjoy cooking soup.They can cook all kinds of delicious soups,and they are good at using traditional chinese medicinal materials in the soup,which will be helpful to nourish the body.I’m also a cantonese and I also
    enjoy cooking soup.Always,I will cook soup with my elder sister every weekend,I do hope I can cook all kind of delicious food not only soups.But now I try to cook by myself,it seems a long time to reach the goal(I am not good at cooking now).Do you like cooking?maybe you can share one topic about cooking.

    Bye for now,I have to come back to work.^_^

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank You of much for commenting on my blog. I do hope that you will continue to read and share things.

      Yes, my next trip to China I will let you know. Do you know of soups that are good for my arthritis? Can you share pictures and ingredients? I would love to hear this and share with my readers! When you cook with your sister this weekend, please,if you can, take some pictures and share.

      Good Bye for now and yes, I must get back to work as well.

      1. Hi Tamie,

        Yes,I can share some pics and ingredients.But the soup I cook is the common one,no special function for the arthritis.If I collect enough pics,I will send you by my private email.

        Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Tamie, This is Gina from Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd, one of your Chinese Supplier.
    I really like your ideas, sharing your life with us. That’s so great!
    Keep to share more and enjoy your wonderful life.

    I have to work because I asked a leave yesterday. SO much inquiry need to be quoted!

    Have a good day! Byebye

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