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Only Eight days Left

Only Eight days Left

Next week I will be done with my 30 days, and I can start to blog about other things, events, foods, travels and just things.  I am going to be anxious to do this.  This is taking the fun out of blogging, and I am sure there are a few of you who are tired of reading this.  AND, my goal is to get more readers, not bore you to tears.  Anyone out there agree?

So, lets get this over for today.  We did get a decent walk in today, the weather is getting very comfortable, and for me, that makes a big difference.  For my exercises today, I did:

Military Press

Leg Lifts on Bench

Lat Raises

Weighted Sit Ups

Alt Front Raises

Plank Push Ups

Step ups

Running in Place

Farmers Walk

And my stretching.  (I look forward to the stretching.)  This was a little harder for more, my shoulders are not quite what they should be, ( I dislocated one shoulder a few years back, and the other shoulder just feels sorry for itself) and my abs are really not what they should be either.

For Food today:





Left over chicken and beef tenderloin

Small Baked Potato

Ramon Noodle

Apple Link Sausage

Yasso Fudge Frozen Yogurt Bar



My calories yesterday were 1300, Macros were Carbs  131 grams  42%, Fat  40 grams  29%  and Protein  92 grams  29%.  Didn’t end the day with as much protein as I thought I would.

My pain level today is about a 6,  (it is infusion day and this always wears on me a little, and my energy level is 5.  Need lots of hydration today.

As you read in my food for today, I am having Ramon Noodles.  This is a BIG favorite of MH so I found these IMG_3008.jpg at the market.  I have not tried this brand yet, but they are gluten free, low sodium and sound good.  He will make these with IMG_3009  We have had this sausage before and this is a very healthy, good tasting sausage.

I have Kombucha everyday, and I like to try different brands and flavors.  I picked this one up,IMG_3011 but have not tried it yet.  I thought , Pineapple Peach, how bad can it be.  Do you drink Kombucha everyday, have you even tried it?  I like the taste, and I think there are a lot of health benefits to it.

Today is/was a really busy day.  We had a meeting with our financial planner this morning, and that took a little longer than I thought it would, plus I had to do my infusion today, that always takes about an hour out of my day, and after the infusion, my energy drops.  I tell you all this as this is a shorter post, but tomorrow I have many ideas already.

I would still like to hear comments from you readers on the podcasts.  You readers from other countries, do you listen to podcasts?  Everyone, if you do listen to podcasts, what are some of your favorites, and what attracts you to listen to a podcast?  Leave me your thoughts and comments, as I am still seriously thinking of starting a  weekly podcast.  Please comment:

Well again everyone, thank you again for reading and coming back but time to get back to



I would love to hear your feedback