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Four Days to go!

Four Days to go!

First, I hope all of you mothers out there had a GREAT Mothers Day.  I know I certainly did.  I have the best children in the entire world.

MD took me out to a wonderful 100% Gluten Free Venezuelan Restaurant.  (I apparently was too hungry I neglected to take pictures.)  I really need to get better at that.  But the food was absolutely marvelous, and she is such a joy to be with.

MS and his wife sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  IMG_3012 So bright and cheery.  And of course, they called me.

And a little surprise, as we were sitting at the Starbucks on Sunday having coffee after our walk,  there is a church, Thrive Church, that has their Sunday Service in the theater next to the Starbucks.  We see these people every Sunday, and say hello and make small talk,  but never really met them.  The pastors wife came up and handed me a bouquet IMG_3013and wished me a Happy Mothers Day.  How awesome is that? So very kind and thoughtful.  So, I just hope every Mother in the world had as good a day as I did!

THEN, on the way home, we were right by MH favorite bakery.  The bakery is Southern Sweets Bakery and they have the most awesome baked goods ever, and, they have several gluten free selections.  We stopped by the bakery and MH actually got two different pieces, (I am not even sure what he got)IMG_3015 but I got one piece of the Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache. IMG_3014 The piece was one fourth of the pie, HUGE pc,.  I ate about 1/4 of that last night, so good!  (I really need to work on my photography)

Now, I need to make my excuses for not writing my blog on Friday.  My excuse is that it was the day from hell, I needed to do a lot of banking, and the only bank that I can work with that I can do  international wire transfers is Suntrust.  Well, they are the HARDEST bank to work with, and if you use a Mac, like I do it is even worse.  I spent over an hour between trying to do a WT and working with their tech people and I was just zapped by then.  ( Actually, I was so pissed off, I decided it was not a good idea to write anything.)  But I spent another half hour on the phone with them today, and basically, I had to use yet a third browser to do a transfer.  ######*  is how i felt!

On to other things.  The gym in the building is closed for now, maybe two weeks, as they remodel the gym.  My intent was to go to LA Fitness, which we are members of, and due a yoga class.  The spirit just wasn’t moving me. I did not sleep well at all last night, so my energy level was low, plus, it was just G and I, on our jalk this morning, pushed it quite a bit.  We did a little over 4.5 miles in under an hour.  I did do some pushups and squats when I got inside, but by then, no way was I going to do a yoga class.  So, that was my exercise for today, I do not have any other to share with you.

So far, my food for today so far has been:

Boiled Egg

Corn Tortilla




Collagen Peptides

Raw Organics Protein Powder

Organic Girl Super Greens

Johnson Apple Sausage


Asiago cheese

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bomb

I am not sure what I will have for dinner yet, since MH has a business dinner, and I have no clue what I will eat, so I will have to share this tomorrow.

I will also share my total calories and macros from today, tomorrow.

I received the results from my last blood work that I had done at my rheumy’s office, (well some of them).  It seems my sodium and protein levels are low AGAIN!!!  I had a feeling my protein was low, but I thought my sodium was okay.  MAYBE, that is why I have been so tired and lack of energy lately.  I was drinking salt water every morning, but quit that because well, it doesn’t really taste good, I guess I need to get back in that habit.  It also showed abnormal kidney function, so I need to have that retested.  We are still waiting on the other results.

Is there anyone out there, in ANY country, that has autoimmune diseases and may have some suggestion?  PLEASE let me know if you do.

Also, any suggestions on help sleeping, PLEASE share this as well. I have tried most everything I can think of, melatonin, tea, alcohol, no alcohol, lavender oil, hot baths, I even have sleeping pills and muscle relaxers from my Dr and these don’t even help.  I fall right to sleep, but than, about an hour later, I am WIDE awake.  Ideas?

You Know, I know what works and what doesn’t, and I get lazy because I am human, but I just need to keep telling myself to keep it up, I know I will feel better.

Well everyone, I appreciate you coming back and keep reading, and we are almost done with the 30 days.  Has this helped or encouraged anyone?  Do you have thoughts to share on this with me?

Well again everyone, thank you again for reading and coming back but time to get back to

I would love to hear your feedback