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Almost Done with 30 days

Almost Done with 30 days

I think I need another coffee today!

Just 2 days to go and then I will have completed my 30 day commitment to sharing foods, exercises, how things are going and blah blah blah!!!!!

I have a gazillion ideas for the things I can post about than, but of course, I will forget them all when the time comes.  That is why I have all kinds of notes on my desk.

Seriously, do any of you know how to start a podcast?  I mean, the recording part and than how do I publish it?  I really think I am going to do this.

Ok, for day number 29, needless to say, G and I did not get our jalk in this am.  This is what my sky looks like todayIMG_3019  Makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book!  G and I got out and about .5 miles into the jalk, the sky just opened up.  We got back home in record time☔️🏃  Since they are remodeling our gym now, I decided this was the prefect time to go to LA Fitness.  So, went there, and this is what I did there:  It was kind of a mish mash if exercises,

Bench Press,  (not dumb bell bench press like I normally do)

Goblet Squats

Hammer Curls

Rope Squats

Back Machine

I did the above for 20 minutes, then got on the tread mill for one mile.  There was a Yoga class starting and I decided this was good time to do a yoga class.  It felt pretty darn good.  Before I left, I sat in the IMG_3018 for just a few minutes, I was pretty warm by then.

I got home and have been balls to the walls working, and cleaning, since then.  So much work to do, and I am in one of those deep cleaning moods, so trying to do it all in one day.  This is my problem, I try to do everything in one day, and than I am exhausted by the end of the day!  Do you do that?

But, for my food today, I decided since I was starving all day yesterday, I would start the day off with a good breakfast, so I made one of theseIMG_3020 but instead of water, I add one egg, (extra protein) I add protein powder, Braggs Nutritional Yeast, and peanut butter.  I also had some apple with this.  It is almost noon and I am still not hungry again!

Also had,




Dill Pickle Slices

Gluten Free Tortilla Shell

Burger Patty




Braggs Nutritional Yeast

Yesterday, my calories were 1440, Macros were Carbs 27%  88 grams, Fat 49%  72 Grams and Protein, 24%  79 grams.  I had 88 ounces of H20.  Definitely need more protein today, and more H2).

I slept better last night, (but I may have cheated a little and had one ounce of Jameson)  Hey if it helps!!!!!

My body feels better than yesterday today, and my pain level is maybe a 6.  I have been setting the timer on my phone, and every 40 minutes, I get up and move for a little bit.

Any one out there that has the Apple watch with the Nike Run, can you tell me if you feel your mileage and time is accurate?  I ask, because when MH walks with me in the morning, we start our watches at exactly the same time, and finish at exactly the same time, and walk the same route, but his watch says about .5 mile more than mine, and less time????  Let me know if this happens to anyone else, or how to make this more accurate.

Today is Wednesday, and the means injection day.  IMG_3021  I do not mind this NEAR as bad as Thursday, that is the day I do the infusion and , well let’s not even talk about that.  The injection is really a cake walk any more, and I feel better😍  sometimes!😞Not so much today.

Do any of you watch the series Designated Survivor?  Well, we watched the first season, and apparently we did not like the way it ended, because we had not watched it since.  We did save it on DVR, but never watched it.  For whatever reason, we must have been bored, we started watching season 2.  Season 2 is MUCH better than the first season.  We are hooked on this, and I think we only have 2 shows left of season 2.  The only thing I do not like in the most recent shows, Michael J Fox is in it, and it is hard to watch him.  That is just me!  Now, I don’t know if they do or not, but I  hope there is a season 3!!  Anyone else get hooked on this?

OK, I need to get back to

Remember to drink lots, keep hydrated, get up and move, be active, keep a smile😎 on your face, be happy, and get out and do something.  You need that vitamin D.

Remember, leave comments or send me an e-mail

and let me know what topics you would like me to talk about.

Take care  xoxo

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