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Summarization of 30 Days

Summarization of 30 Days

Hey There!

Well today is the final day of my -30 Day Commitment-I really feel like I learned a FEW things about food, exercise and my body.  I have learned that sugar makes my inflammation worse, gluten or wheat, I can have VERY SMALL amounts of this, I do better with a pretty equal balance of Macros, if I do a little higher carbs, that is okay, but my body does need lots of protein and WATER!!!  LOTS OF WATER!

I learned I do need fruits.  I tried to give these up or at least cut back, and no, not gonna happen.  I am trying to mix it up, and stick with lower sugar fruits!

I also learned greasy fried food is not for me any longer.  I can eat SOME fried food, if it is from clean healthy fats or oils.

I have learned the more active I am, the better my body feels, but I have also learned that sometimes, I just need to take a 10 minute break and put my feet up for a minute.  And of course, the better my sleep, the better I feel.  DUH!!!!  But for sure, if I sit or am inactive for TOO long, EVERYTHING hurts.🏃

I learned that just a TINY bit of alcohol at night does help me sleep, but TOO much makes me sleep worse.  The fine line, about one ounce a night, whether that be Jameson or Wine, but just one ounce!🍷

I learned a need a LOT of water!!!!  Anything under 100 ozs a day and I am tired, I hurt, I am lethargic, so just drink more water.💧

I also learned that some days my body just needs MORE coffee!☕️

I have also learned that I am better off eating a little food at a time, just a little more often, but MH does not necessarily agree with that, he thinks that is like grazing all day long.  Well maybe, but I do know I feel better doing it that way.

So, I guess I have learned quite a bit, and I am sure that I will keep on learning all kinds of things about my body, what helps and what makes things worse, and I will keep experimenting.

Ok, so today, no rain so G and I did get a good walk in, about 3.5 miles, and our pace was just under 17 minute miles.  Not record setting I know, but when you need to stop and smell the blades of grass, it takes a little longer.

Then I went to LA fitness again, and there was no class, but there was a small group of people in the class room where I was stretching, and they were doing a mini boot camp and they asked if I wanted to join in.  Sure, what the hey I say.  I really enjoyed doing this, and if they are around tomorrow, I will join in again, so I did not keep track of everything, I just know it was non stop moving for 20 minutes, and then a GOOD stretch.

My food today was or will be:



Chicken Skewers,



Dill Pickle


Protein Powder

Collagen Peptides




Asiago Cheese


My total calories for yesterday were 1300, my macros were Carbs 30% 86 Grams, Fat 39%  49 Grams, Protein  30%  86 Grams, and LOTS of water.

I slept better last night, and both my pain level and fatigue are better today, so far!!😍

Today is infusion day.  I try to get this done first thing in the morning because I really do not like to do this.  It takes about one hour, and  I always make sure I have everything laid out and ready when I startIMG_3022 I make sure everything is sterile, and then I go for it!  Easy peasy!

I had a list of work errands to get done, and again, most time I can get these done faster walking than driving and while I was doing these, I walked by theseIMG_3024  I was trying to catch a bird on one of these, but not so much.  These were right by the bird feederIMG_3023  How pretty are these.

Ok, so I had these x-rays done on Tuesday Morning, and the Dr. had told me they should have the results at least the next day, or at least in two business days.  I had not heard back yet, so I sent a very brief message the their portal.  (They have recently mixed up their staff of nurses, the doctors in the practice pretty much traded around, they said to keep things fresh) and I just got the nastiest message back from one of the other nurses stating it will take at least 3-4 weeks to get these results back, but if I did not hear anything, they would be discussed at my next follow up visit,  (this is in august)  and to NOT call the office for this.  WOW!!!!  You can believe me, when I go back for my follow up, the Dr will get an earful.  I will just assume everything is good until I wake up one morning and can’t walk!!!  How RUDE can you be.  Yes, I do know who sent this message.  (OK, so Yes, I am that Bitch, I have my Dr’s personal e-mail address and just sent a nasty gram on this person)

OK, I need to get back to

and get more work done.  Check back tomorrow to see what I am going to blog about now!

Remember to drink lots, keep hydrated, get up and move, be active, keep a smile😎 on your face, be happy, and get out and do something.  You need that vitamin D.


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Take care  xoxo


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