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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

We made it to Friday, finally!  It seems like this has been a really busy week, but I do feel like I have gotten a lot of things accomplished.  And, I made it to LA fitness 3 days this week!  With the gym in our building being closed, it has forced me to get out, and I really feel that is a good thing.  Since I work from our home, like anyone who works from their home, you need to get out for a reality check.  Plus, there is so much equipment here that I have not seen or used.  Like the ab machines.  I know I do not have “abs”, but they are going to be sore the next couple of days.  But this is all good, it really forces me to mix it up.  The only thing I think I need to change is  the time I go.  I have been doing just like the gym in the building, after our walk, I have been going to LA Fitness.  Well, I have ALL kinds of energy, and that is good, but by the time I get home and through the shower, I am kind of exhausted.  Next week, I am going to try to mix it up a little.  (I should really try to go after lunch, but by then, I can talk myself out of it.)    For those of you that do work from home, and go to the gym, or somewhere to do a class or work out, what does your schedule look like?  But I think if after our walk, I read and reply to as many work e-mails that I can, maybe even send out some pricing or make a few calls, and THAN go the the gym, come home and shower, it might be better.  I think I will give that try next week.

You all know that I am a HUGE dog lover.  FullSizeRender-2Yesterday, and it was quite warm, I was walking through a Target parking lot, and two different cars had dogs in them.  One had the windows done and the car running, no one in the car, and the dog barking up a storm.  Mr G loves to go with me in the car, but I am not taking him anywhere once it gets warm, even if I think the errand will just take a minute.  And then, to leave the windows down and the car running????  Really people?  I should have really reported this, I know, but I didn’t and luckily, I did not hear of any dogs needing to be rescued.  As it gets warmer, and if I see this, I will call someone, not sure who, but someone.

Speaking of dogs, in our building, there is a dog that has been here since the building was built.  She just celebrated her 12 birthday.  Another friend told me she had not seen the dog, and the dog was VERY ILL, and this really scared me.  This dog and her owner are inseparable.  I mean, I take G everywhere, but these two REALLY go everywhere together.  I felt much better when I saw these two out this morning!  Whew!🤗

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  The weather here is supposed to be kind of crappy.  All I really care about is getting our walks in each morning, and after that???  There is an air show here in the city, and I know this is something both myself and MH would enjoy, so we might do that.  And of course, we do need to go to the market, right now, our refrigerator is BARE ASS NAKED.  Bottles of water is about all that is in there!  (Might be a good weight loss program)

Well kids, oh I almost forgot.  I saw this today, 0a5b91909ab617e3106139cc6b317090  How cool would this be on shirt?  Only I would need colorful glitter and a BRIGHT colored shirt, maybe even the dyed?  What do you think MD?  Let me know if you would wear a shirt like that.

Well all, again I must get back to

Everyone have a great weekend, have fun, be safe, remember to hydrate and use your sunscreen!

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