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Rainy Friday!

Rainy Friday!

This has been the craziest weather day, well actually week.  Right now, we are getting torrential downpours.  It was sunny a little bit ago, and before that, partly cloudy.  My poor Mr G.  He does not like this weather.  He found a new place to take cover, he goes in our panty/hall closet, and gets in the corner.  Poor thing!

Anyway, how is everyone doing?  Is everyone having a good week?  For a short week, it has been extremely busy, as always.  I have gotten a lot of work done, both ATW work, personal work, and misc things.  I am STILL thinking of starting a blog.  Ok, about that, I was listening to the GGW ggw_ep144podcast this morning, and they talked about, how five years ago, when they started their blog, it was like, “Hey, you want to start a blog?  Sure, ok, why not” and they started their blog.  They laughed about how so many people now think about it, and talk about it and research it, WAY before they ever start a blog, and than, most of them never end up doing it.  Well, that was like a bolt of lightening hitting me.  You know what they say, SH__ or get off the pot!!!  Well, we will see, stay tuned!!!!!

Speaking of GGW, I would love to meet Clair one day.  She just seems so honest, if she is thinking it, she says it.  Maybe my next trip to Denver I can talk them into meeting at Just Be Kitchen.

Friday’s I always make a Costco run.  Usually do not need much, but I still like to look around the store.  I did need greens today, and my new favorite is the Organic Girl Power Greens.  IMG_3032  They don’t have the Organic Girl Brand, but these are organic and they are power greens, and for the big tub, it is less than $5.  I have had these before and they are really good.  (It has been suggested to me that perhaps I should follow more of a plant based diet, not necessary going Vegetarian or Vegan, but at least one meal a day, eat a BIG salad, and lots of greens!)

Than I got sidetracked by the fruit, SO MANY apples and all organic!!IMG_3031  If it was not just the two of us, you can really get good produce, meats and other items, but I have bought some things here in the past, and sometimes they go bad before you can use them all up.

I always try to buy flowers here.  They are very reasonably priced, and they last almost two full weeks.IMG_3033  Besides, everyone needs more flowers in their lives.

I have been using these Tula products for almost one month now.  IMG_2984  I am not sure that I can see any difference, but than, I have not been real strict about using these.  I do like the under eye creme and the moisturizer.  The Tula products do not leave your skin feeling greasy, but instead, very soft.  I am debating if I want to order more, or try another product.  What are some of the brands you guys use, and do you feel they make a difference.  Send me a message

with your feedback.

My big debate in my mind right now, because it is that middle of the day feeling, do I want a cup of coffee or a cup of tea?  Such major decisions.  As if I need more to drink, right now, on my desk, I have my bottle of water and a bottle of Kombucha.  Really, you think I need more?  Of course I do!  More hydration is always good.

Ok, I was very seriously and hard at work, ( ATW) and I need to send some wire transfers to pay for some parts.  Well, the only bank that I have found where I can do international Wire Transfer is Suntrust.  Now, I am not complaining about the people, the people are great, but their online banking SUCKS the big one!  It seems like at least every other time that I try to do a WT, their system is down.  Right now, their system is down.  And if the system is not down, they have changed something.  Get this, I use Safari as my browser.  You cannot use their OTM system on anything BUT Firefox, so anytime I want to do a WT, I have to bring up Firefox.  BUT, you can only transfer money from one account to another on Google, so when I need to transfer, I need to open Google.!!!! What the F____!  And no, you cannot use one for the other or another, seriously, I have tired them all!!! And yes, seriously, this is the only bank I have found that I can do the international WT.  Anyway, patience, Tamie!

Does anyone have any good plans for the weekend?  We are HOPING to get out on our motorcycles this weekend, at least for a little bit.  Other than I get a little stiff, it just feels SO good to be out in the open like that!

Speaking of stiff.  I usually use a heating pad when I get too stiff, and sometimes, just because it feels good.  I have read recently, that for inflammation or pain, COLD is much better.  Heat will open up your veins and help the blood flow, which increases inflammation, whereas cold or ice, decrease inflammation.  What do you use when you have pain?  Let me know.

Next week I am going to try to do one entire post on products I am trying and the products where you readers can get discounts.  So, check back next week for that.

Well, I need to get back to

and see if I can pay some bills yet!  If you are really bored, check out the ATW site and let me know your comments on that as well!

Everyone have a great weekend, have fun, be safe, remember to hydrate and use your sunscreen!

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