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Happy Monday Doodle Bugs

Happy Monday Doodle Bugs

Did everyone have a good weekend?  What did you all do?  My weekend was good.  We did not get out on the motorcycles like I thought we might, but we did go to the Range.  I really like doing this, and we do not do it near enough.  I had a really good day, shot the target out on both targets!  Finally had to quit though, my hand was starting to lock up on me and I kept jamming my gun.  But, still had a good day and lots of fun!

Sunday, we had SOO many errands to run, or so it seems.  We started to get hungry so stopped for a quick bite at an Asian Bar B Que,  The food was too good.  We started with an appetizer of pickled radish  IMG_3036 that was unbelievably good.  I could have ate two plates of this.  My meal was mushrooms, tofu and chinese vegetables   IMG_3037.  Again VERY GOOD, Finally had to just stop eating before I got STUFFED!  MH had a curry rice noodle dish with shrimp and this was fantastic.  Everything here, including the service, was very good!

I am trying to eat more greens and vegetables in general, and less fruit, which is why I ordered the tofu dish with the vegetables, but than, my lunch today was IMG_3043 Super Greens, cabbage, radish, boiled egg and leftover chicken.  Mostly greens.  It is amazing how a big plate of greens will fill you up!  Or, part of this could also be all of the things I am drinking.  So far today,  (lunchtime)  I have had 40 oz of water, a cup of coffee, a cup of tea and half a bottle of kombucha.  No wonder I spend so much time in the bathroom.

Speaking of coffee.  I have heard some of the podcast people I listen to talk about the Califia Cold Brew Coffee.  Yesterday, I was visiting with MD and she said she drinks this sometime, and it is really good.  Have any of you had or tried this?  I think I need to try this, as the weather gets warmer, I am not so much about drinking hot coffee!  If you have tried this, let me know what you think.

How many of you have pets, like dogs?  Anyone that knows me, (ok, well pretty much our entire family) we all love dogs.  This is my favorite topic to discuss.  First, my G is VERY black, and has long hair.  I am thinking of getting his hair shaved for the summer.  As he gets a little older, it seems the heat is a little hard on him.  Do any of you shave your dogs for the summer?

Than there is the topic of food.  I try to feed G the best food out there, but the more I learn, the more confused I get.  What kinds of dog food do you all feed your fur babies?  Right now, my G is laying in front of his fan!

Speaking of G, when he makes his mind up, he ain’t gonna change it!!!  This morning, I had our route all planned out.  We got to the halfway point, where I wanted to turn around and go back, and he planted his feet, gave me that no way are you cheating me out of my walk look and so, of course, we went HIS way, the long way!  That’s okay, I needed the exercise anyway! Please share your favorite pet stories with me.

Ok, I have made the  decision, I am going to TRY to start a podcast.  But, I need to do the research to see how to do this and than, how to get this so you all can listen.  When I get this all done, who of you will listen?  Send me a message and at least let me know if you might be interested in listening to me blather on!  Send this to

Well, I hope everyone is doing well, keep checking back for more and updates on the podcast, and let me know what topics you want to read about.  Tomorrow I am going to try to post on all of the products I am using now, and the products you readers can get discounts at.

Well, I need to get back to

and see if I can pay some bills yet!  If you are really bored, check out the ATW site and let me know your comments on that as well!

Everyone have a great weekend, have fun, be safe, remember to hydrate and use your sunscreen!

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