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Hey All!

Hey All!

Hey there!  All good for you?  All good here!  The humidity this morning was very low, so walking was great!  The weather was almost COOL!  How about you, what is your weather like?

Another busy crazy day and I am very late getting this post done.  It seems every time I tried to work on it, something new came up, so this may be a shorter post.

Of course, I had to make my Target run today,  I really need to stop going over there so much, but it seems we always need something.  And than, of course, I decided I needed new nail polish.  As I was looking at all of the choices, a very nice Target employee asked if she could help, and I told her only if she could pick out a nail color for me, so guess what, she said I would LOVE to and she picked out two colors for me.  I will redo my nails tomorrow, so I will take pictures of the polish I have now, and than the new polish.  Might be a little glittery.💅🏻

I said yesterday that I would do a post today about all of the my favorite products today, as well as the products you readers can get deals on with a Code from me.  Well, needless to say, I am not getting that done today, BUT, I will do it tomorrow.

I do want to share one of my new things I am getting hooked on.  Of course, this is another beverage.  I have been making myself drink at least one cup of ginger numeric tea a day.  I have found that if I put just a little bit of the Lemonade Crystal light in the water with the tea bag, it makes a great cup of tea! IMG_3048IMG_3047  This is the Rishi Tea I use.  Do any of you have a favorite tea you like?  Another of my favorite teas is Matcha Tea.

I have a question for you all.  If you have joint or muscle pain or stiffness, do you use heat or ice?  I mentioned the other day that I always use heat, but it was suggested I try ice.  So, the last couple of nights I have been using ice, and it seems to work MUCH better.  Last night I even slept better, I felt like I had very little pain.  Let me know what you use.

Okay, I may have over done the greens, vegetables for lunch today.  I said I was trying to get more plants into my diet.  Well today for my lunch I had mixed power greens, cucumbers, onions, radish, boiled egg, some leftover prosciutto we had, and crumbled goat cheese with ACV on it. IMG_3046 It was awesome, but it was a pretty big bowl of salad!

Okay, another question for you.  If you wanted to get more stretching type exercise in, would you do Yoga, or swim?  Just a question, if you can let me know and why, that will be great.  Please send your comment to

I got to do a little research on the podcasts today, and I plan on doing a LOT more tomorrow.   I will keep you all updated on this.  I will be looking for suggestions for the name of this, if you have an idea, please send it to me.

Well, I need to get back and finish up my day, so until tomorrow gang, remember to hydrate and be happy.

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