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We made it to Friday, Happy Friday all,  So what did everyone think of the products I posted on yesterday?  Any comments or feedback?  Please share!

The weather is getting humid again, the last couple of days have been very comfortable, very low humidity!  But they say the weather is going to be more summer like.  But, it is June.

I did redo my nails last night, so here is the finished product, using the polish the Target employee picked out for meIMG_3059 Just a little glitter in them!!

I did finally pick up some of the Califia Cold Brew Coffee, IMG_3062 that MD spoke so highly of, and now I see why.  I got the Black and White, and this could become my new afternoon treat!  If you have not tried this, you should!  Let me know if you have tried this, let me know what you think and what is your favorite flavor!

What do you have planned for the weekend.  We do not have ANY plans for this weekend, but these usually turn out to be very busy!  Let me know what you are going to do.

For my work out this morning, I made up my own WOD, and got a very good work out in, I got my heart rate up there and felt good afterwards.  And, I had downloaded a very short 6 minute stretch video, and I did that as well.  I really need to do something like that every day.

Speaking of, what would be your preference, Yoga or Swimming?  Which do you feel would give you a good workout but also a good stretch?  After doing the stretching this morning, I remembered that yes, I do like to do Yoga, but it is kind of hard, so I am thinking that it might be better to swim, which I really like to do, just have not done much of this FOREVER.  Thoughts!

Series to watch.  I had asked for suggestion last week on series that you are binge watching.  I got a few suggestions, but if you could please send more, cool!

I wanted to share this with everyone.  Do you all remember me telling you about my lemon tree the the hubs said to throw out because it was dead, and about the time I went to do this, it had some tiny growth on it, well this is what it looks like nowIMG_3063  I hope this time it will bear fruit!

Well gang, I don’t mean to cot this short, but it is Friday afternoon, they are remodeling the condo next to us and making SOO MUCH noise, I seriously have a headache, and I still have tons of work to get done. SO, everyone, have a great weekend, hydrate, stay cool, be cool, be happy and be active.  Let me know how your weekend went.

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