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Is anyone out there?

Is anyone out there?

I hope so, because I am here and there and everywhere!

Ok so you can all be mad and upset with me, I did not come back on Monday as I said.  Man, my ATW has just been brutal, and on top of that, I am trying to introduce new items on my own.

Speaking of, I do want input from everyone, all of you readers, whether male, female, young and old!  I want to try to sell t-shirts/workout tops that will say something like

“More Glitter less Bitter” and the letters will be all glittery!  Now here is where I need your help.  If you were buy one, would you prefer a tank top style,   or a basic t shirt style?  Or, would you like a crop top style like this   8161797-9325-3A-259x292Me personally, would prefer the tank top style, but  unless I get a huge preorder, I will need to buy the very minimum order amount.  Let me know your thoughts, also, what would be your favorite color to have?  Send your helpful answers to

Once I get a few responses, I can start to post ideas, sizes, colors and costs.

I know it is Wednesday already, but did everyone have a good weekend?  We got to get out on our motorcycles on Saturday, and I think we went to long without stopping to hydrate.  On Sunday, both hubs and myself were just very lazy and could not get our selves motivated.  We had ridden for over two hours on Saturday without stopping for water, and as hot as it was, we really should have drank a lot more, That coming from me who is always preaching about hydration.  Let me know what you did this weekend.

I had several money tree plant babies that I had been rooting, and I finally got them planted yesterday.  IMG_3066  I am not sure they will grow, but I will give it my best shot.  As I picked up my potting soil, I got distracted by the herbs.  I only bought ONE plant, a parsley plant.  I could have bought several, but my space is very limited.  So here is my “herb” garden.  IMG_3065I am hoping this will grow also.  I used to have plants everywhere, when we lived in our house.  I love flowers and plants and basically, anything green that will grow.  Hubs, not too much, so I have to slowly introduce new things into our home.  But of course, this was the first thing he saw when he walked in our office!!!!  Of course it would be!

Working out:  Ok, are all of you doing some sort of exercise everyday?  This is always my favorite topic to discuss.  Not like I am the most fit person ever, (or never) but I do like to work out.  Ok, I had this big debate with my selves on what I wanted to try.  I debated with me a lot of things, should I try yoga again, maybe I should swim, maybe try more jogging, or just keep lifting weights, but really mix it up.  After this very long and heated debate, I came to this conclusion.

I can’t do EVERYTHING and be good at EVERYTHING

I would love to try Crossfit, but I seriously think this might be too hard on my joints, at least for the time being.  I had asked my rheumy about this at one time, and he said absolutely not, at least not now.

I really like Yoga, but this is not something I like to do EVERY Day, maybe once a week.

I really like to jog, but I think this is a bit too hard on my joints, so this is something I can do once in awhile.

I like to swim, but again, not every day, maybe once a week.

So for now, I decided I really need to concentrate on just lifting weights, and of course, our jalks every morning.  I started this week and what I am doing is putting together my own little WOD each morning.  I have googled different WOD routines, and have put together new ones each day.  Tomorrow, if I can, I will take some pictures and share my work out with you all.  Tell me what your favorite work out, or form of exercise is.

Food:  I kind of started to lighten up on my food restrictions.  Sometime it is just so hard, and my thought was, there is nothing that really makes me THAT sick or inflamed.  My rheumy had told me to be less concerned about what I ate, and pay more attention to the numbers on the scale.  He gave me a goal weight and I have to take a picture every Monday morning of what the scale says, so he knows how my weight is doing.  He feels any extra weight will be harder on my joints than the food I eat. I have lost a few lbs., but still have about 2 lbs to go, and you all know, those last couple are the worst!

Ok, I almost forgot where I was going with this.  I have eaten some food that contains gluten recently, and it doesn’t really seem to bother me too much, but than again, I have learned my inflammation levels are up again, and have learned I also have Osteoarthritis in my shoulders.  So, again, I have had some serious debates with myself over the types of food and restrictions I should have.  My Dr has told me, if I can be 90% gluten free and low sugar, but that once in a while when you want something, just go for it, and if it causes too much inflammation, don’t do it again.  Makes perfect sense to me. So that is my plan of attack, for now.

Speaking of, yesterday was one of those days that I could have eaten EVERYTHINg in our condo.  I think I even went to bed hungry.  I started reading through some recipes, and might have to make something for that afternoon hungry time.  Paloemg has some really good cookie and muffin recipes, I think I need to make something.  When I do, I will share with you.  What do you guys do when you get that mid afternoon hangry feeling?

Well gang, I got a little caught up, and now, back to that thing hubs likes to call work😤  Tomorrow is another day and I will have more!

Remember, hydrate, drink lots, be happy, keep a smile on your face, be active, get up and move, and have a GREAT DAY!

Also, please be sure to leave me your comments at

Till Tomorrow


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