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Just doing my thing!

Just doing my thing!

Well hello!  Everyone doing good?  All good here!

I am kind of excited today, I received a Zebra Strong bracelet in the mail today.  IMG_3070  This is for my CVID.  I received this from

My workout today was really good, but since it was all pretty new to me, I kind did everything a little slower so that I would do all of the exercises correctly.  This is what I did:

3 rounds of –

  • 10 Reversed slider lunges
  • 10/10 Plank tricep kickbacks
  • 20 glute bridges

3 rounds of –

  • 10 Banded kb deadlifts
  • 8 Pull ups (different hand placement each set)

Then 3 rounds of –

  • 7 narrow chest press, 7 skull crushers into 7 pullovers
  • 10 weighted donkey kicks into 10 weight fire hydrants
  • 10 Rounded 45 degree hypers
  • IMG_3068

This was a good work out and I will do this again.

Ok, I am having one of those hungry days again.  I am doing everything that I can think of to keep my mind off food, I just made another cup of coffee, thinking that might help.☕️

I have a question for you readers.  The podcast I was listening to this morning talked about fermented cod liver oil, and how good this is supposed to be for you.  I did some research on this, and it supposedly is good for many things, including inflammation and RA.  Question, do any of you use this?  If so, what benefits do you see?  What brand do you use?  How much and how often do you take this?  Please send you comments to

If this were to help with inflammation and other autoimmune diseases, I would gladly take this, instead of going to doctors ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!

Not sure I am going to get the time to make my “treats” today, I am on a roll and getting lots done today, but always more to do.  Just keep on moving!!!!  GSD today!

Hubs doesn’t always say much about the meals I cook, when I actually do cook, but I made ribs, cole slaw and cucumber salad for dinner last night, and he must have said at least twice, how good everything was!!!!WOW, that rarely happens, makes me want to cook again, just to see if I can get more positive feedback!!  I am SUCH a gourmet cook🤑

OK gang, need to get back to getting more work done for

More to come tomorrow.

Remember all, drink lots, you have know idea all of the benefits water has on our bodies.  (Maybe tomorrow I will list everything that water does for our bodies, or lack of it)  be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and see you all tomorrow.

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till tomorrow


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