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It is getting HOT out there, just let me rest!

It is getting HOT out there, just let me rest!

Hello out there!  I really enjoy the HOT weather, but it is getting hot very fast this year.  We never really had a spring this year, and tomorrow is the first day of summer.  ENJOY!!!

I said on Monday that I was going to be VERY DEDICATED for two months at exercise, and my eating.  I go through these stages, and I stay motivated for a short time, but this time I am very seriASS!!!!  I have marked it on the calendar, so in two months, I will summarize any changes or improvements.

I did take a photo yesterday, Tuesday, of myself in the gym.  ( I really hate to see myself in  pictures, which is something I just need to get over.  I am what I am!)  So, here is the picture from yesterday!  IMG_3091Wow, those legs need HELP!!!!

Both yesterday and today, I had REALLY good workouts!  My mind set is to take one day at a time!  Yesterday, I concentrated only on yesterday, today, I am concentrating only on today, tomorrow will be tomorrow and so on.  I hope by doing this, it will not seem so overwhelming that I have 60 days to get through.  One day at a time!

I am also trying to eat better.  Better than I have been!  My biggest problem is my sweet tooth!  Sometime, I just want something so bad, and as long as I do not have anything in the house, I am good, it is like I can have just a bit, but when I don’t have anything in the house, I want EVERYTHING!  Maybe I need to try one of those 21 day sugar detox programs🍰  Have any of you ever tried this?

In my efforts to eat a little better, I am trying to cook more as well.  Last night, I made Hawaiian Crock Pot chicken for dinner.  It was quite healthy, very easy, and other than I had thought it was have a little more flavor, it was good. IMG_3104  (I really need to practice my picture taking!)

Tonight hubs won’t be home for dinner, so I will scrounge through the refrigerator and put something together.  It may be as simple, but healthy, as bacon and eggs!  I do need to increase my protein a lot!!!

OK, how many of you are drinking enough water in this heat?  I think that I do good, but then, I start to get cramps in my feet, and or maybe a little light headed or a headache.  I know right away not enough WATER!!!  I am aiming for 100 oz per day.  In addition to the coffee I drink, the tea I drink, the kombucha I drink!  And sometimes the cold brew coffee!  Let’s all take a drink now!

I told you all the other day that I was going through my bad sleep pattern. Well, apparently, I am through that.  I NEVER sleep if hubs is up and at it.  I am a very light sleeper.  This morning, he got up at 4:10,  (he had an early flight) and I did not wake up until 4:40.  He even said he was going to wake me if I didn’t get up, since I never sleep like that.  Obviously, I had a good nights sleep💤YAY!!!!  Maybe that is why I got the great work out in today.

I also told you all that I was going to start reading my daily horoscope again, and I have been.  Today’s horoscope REALLY fit:

Want to see an immediate difference in your work, your home life or a relationship? Stop putting something off. You’ve been meaning to do that extra project at the office, or fix that drippy faucet, or talk to ’em about the way you feel — why keep postponing? Even if it’s only a small-scale action you take, it’ll have a ripple effect in terms of new ideas and bigger, more meaningful positive change.

This was very appropriate today since I have already got several things done that I have been putting off!  There are also several “rituals” that are suggested for the summer solstice.  I will not bore you with all of these, but this one really hit home:


Empty out the junk drawers and clean out your closet to get the energy flowing for summer. The simple act of cleaning house with intention can be powerful. Imagine scrubbing away any negativity, ex-lovers, or stagnant situations that you’re ready to leave in the past.

If you’re feeling witchy, include a smudging ritual using sage, frankincense, palo santo, or any incense of your choice. Open every window and door and visualize unwanted energy leaving your abode.  Place a salted lemon at the entrance of your home to ward off any negativity.

Ok, yes, sometimes I get a little too into this stuff, but I really do believe in Karma and luck.  Lady bugs are lucky, pennies are lucky, and doing good deeds will always bring good karma!

Ok I have probably told you all enough about me for today, now it is your turn to share.  Send me a message or leave a comment telling me just a little bit about yourself!  I would love to hear from you!

I best be getting back to

Please feel free to leave comments, ideas, suggestions on topics you would like me to blog on, and until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, let’s all take a drink now, be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and make today the best day yet!


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