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Here we are again!  Glad you came back.  I wish that I had an update on my podcast, but it is going so SLOW!!!!

Any Who!  What are you all up to today!  We got up VERY early today, hubs had an early flight.  (When he gets up early, so do I, my rationalization is, if he is up and working, I need to be to)  So, Mr. G and I got a really good walk in, I started out really slow, but once I really woke up, we got a good pace going.  I also got a good work out in.  (I decided I had better have some coffee first, this helped to get me going for a really good workout.)  Once I got going, this felt really good also.

OK, I have been tracking food and macros long enough, and I get enough blood work done, so I have learned to tell if I am low on H2O, sodium, and fat.  After I was done with my walk and wo, and got settled in to work, I was NOT feeling good.  Ok, first, I thought that I was just hungry, so I made a decent breakfast, NOPE, that did not help.  So I had to run and do a few errands, (usually, if I just get out and move I feel better, and NOPE, that did not help either. )  So finally, after feeling like I was going to be sick, I just laid down for like 15 minutes, NOPE, that did not do it either.  I finally realized, after going over everything in my mind, I was low on sodium, H2O and FAT.  You ask me how I know this, I just do, it is a very distinct feeling.  By now it was lunch time, so I made a lunch high in protein, put lots of sea salt on my lunch, and added grass fed butter and ghee.  And since lunch, I have drank 48 oz of H2O, it is 3:40 now.  Finally starting to feel better.  I had been in the habit of adding sea salt to my morning bottle of water, but just got out of that habit.  Guess I need to do that EVERYDAY and I think I must make more unicorn cookies for the fat!  Does anyone get like this?

On our walk, in one area we walk almost every day, they have put up IMG_3105several bee hives.  This is a joint project between one of the local businesses and the Bee Association.  They are trying to repopulate the bee population in the area.  I thought this was so cool.  I want to walk down close and get a better picture, but there a gazillion bees flying around, so this might be the best you get.  I am wondering what they will be doing with the honey when they collect it, anyone know anything about this?  I would be willing to buy some if they were selling it.  I really like honey, and use it for a lot of things.

On Monday, one of my Chinese colleagues shared pictures of his daughters piano recital. I thought this was so precious, I wanted to share with you.20180625101546[1] copyHow adorable!

Has everyone been reading there daily horoscopes?  I thought my today taro card was very appropriate:


You suffer from a lack of willpower or resolution and follow conflicting pieces of advice. You display childlike ignorance about the basic forces at work in the situation. You will not succeed quite yet, or at least not in the way that you want. You must take a step backward and re-evaluate the situation. In time, you will come to understand why things have not been going your way.

For me, this relates directly to the podcast I am working on.  I am like a child in the basics of the podcast, but now I guess I can understand why things are not going my way, it is just not in the cards YET!!!  Don’t worry, I will get this figured out soon.

We kiddos, another shorter post, but I am working on the podcast and ATW in between everything else.  Again, if you have questions, comments, suggestions for podcasts when I get that up and running, please e-mail me at

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Until tomorrow, remember to hydrate, drink lots, (let’s all take a drink now) be active, get up and move, be happy, keep a smile on your face, and be the best you can today!


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